5 Advantages of Getting Your Yacht Registration Today

If you want to travel worldwide and you have purchased a yacht, then make this possible by getting it registered today. You cannot delay it as without registration you cannot make the most of yachting. This registration let you travel many popular countries and places around them. You need not pay extra taxes or charges after having your boat registered.  Here in this guide, we have mentioned many benefits of getting your yacht registered today, check them out below:

Enjoy the benefit of Competitive registration costs:

You can get your yacht registration quickly, and cost is minimal in terms of both initial registration and renewal process. You can enjoy the benefit of low costs.  If you choose EU ICP Light Registration via Yacht Registration Holland, then you will surely enjoy so many benefits including low-cost registration valid in most EU countries and outside it. You need not pay yearly boat taxes.

No restrictions on nationality:

Light registration is available to anybody, and you need not have residence or Dutch nationality to get registered your yacht under Dutch flag. If you do not have address in Netherlands, then fret not. Yacht registration Holland will represent you without charging any extra cost. You will be allowed to use office address of the company as your residence. This is included in registration fee

Easy registration process:

The registration process is hassle-free. You need to visit the site and request registration online.  You are required to sign registration and authorisation agreement and submit few required documents. After submitting documents for your yacht, Yacht Registration Holland will check them and verify it.  If they find details you shared correct, then you will get document by courier. This is easy to renew your registration document after two years. You will send renewal form at the right time and you need to pay renewal fee.

Quick process: get it done within three days

Boat registration and renewal process is straight forward and quick, and it can be done within 3 to 5 days.

Minimal documents:

You need not require submit too many documents as this is a hassle-free process. You need to submit proof of purchase of your yacht, passport and ID.This is how you can enjoy perks by applying for registration online, so go for the best company like Yacht Registration Holland.Related: https://www.yachtregistration.company/boat-registration-poland/Related: https://www.yachtregistration.nl/boot-registratie-polen/
4 December 2019