Best places to sail in Europe

Are you a boat person and do you also love city life? Then this blog is a must-read for you. Because what could be better than observing a beautiful city from a boat? In this blog we discuss the most beautiful cities in Europe that you can sail through.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Sweden consists of 14 ‘islands’ with 57 bridges connecting these islands. You can take a nice boat trip here on the Djurgårdsbrunns canals, which will eventually take you to the famous Vasa Museum with its warship from the 17th century. Along many canals there are also beaches where you could have a picnic with the family, the most beautiful can be found at Rålambshovsparken. But in Stockholm you can also take a boat to Södermalm, where you will find cool bars with nice vintage shops and a great view.

Hamburg, Germany

Neoclassical buildings: that’s what Hamburg stands for. The city consists of many canals and the height on which the houses are built is unique and fascinating to see.

Brugge, Belgium

The beautiful capital of West Flanders is underestimated in our opinion. This well-maintained town is known for its canals and its Gothic architecture. Sailing through Bruges by boat is a must for architecture enthusiasts. In Bruges you will find a building style that you will not find elsewhere in the world and this is beautifully displayed from a boat.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam has 165 canals with a total length of 75 kilometers. The city also consists of 1281 bridges; it really is a canal city. So you can also see a lot of the city from the water. There are several routes you can take in Amsterdam. For example, you have the plantation route of 10 kilometers for the green lover. You have the culinary route that sails past the hotspots in Amsterdam and where you can easily moor in many places. And you also have the architecture route to see the most special architecture of the city. You can do these routes via tour boats but you can also do it yourself. One of the recommendations is sailing on the IJ. You can enter the North Sea via the IJ.

Venice, Italy

Venice is a beautiful water city that you should definitely see once in your life. The city is worth a visit just to sit in a gondola and cruise the beautiful streets of the Venice. It is not for nothing that it is quite busy here during the high season. The city itself is like a painting and there is more than enough culture to soak up.

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13 July 2022