The importance of a boat registration

Do you use your boat for pleasure or business on big water or do you sail across the borders, then it’s important to have a boat registration. This way authorities can see what the origin of the boat is, for what purposes the boat can be used and technical properties such as weight and measurements. It’s also directly clear who is the owner of the boat. Having a valid proper boat registration will take away all doubts that authorities across the border may have. You will be sure you can sail everywhere, without any hassle.

Do you have or are you planning to buy a new boat? Then a boat registration can also be a requirement to get a boat insurance or mortgage for the boat. This way the bank knows everything to know about the boat you are planning to buy. You can compare this to taxation of a house.

The last thing that may come in hand is if the boat gets recovered after being stolen, the owner of the boat is easily to trace because of registration marks that have been attached on and/or within the boat.

Differences between boat registrations

Every country offers some kind of boat registration. If you are planning on registering your boat, you obviously pay attention to the costs, but it is also good to look which advantages and disadvantages are linked. It’s important to pay attention to the following:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages to the boat registration?
  • What is the total amount of costs?
  • Is a boat inspection demanded? If so, this will often bring costs with it.
  • Some boat registrations have to be renewed on a yearly base which will cost some money.
  • Do you have to pay tax to the country over the amount of purchase?
  • Is the boat registration for anyone or only for residents of that specific country?
  • Be aware that some boat registrations are ownership registrations only, which means that they will not be included in the land register (you cannot sail with a nation flag)
  • Check if the boat registration has a worldwide validation
  • Be aware of the allowed maximum length of your boat
  • If you want to use your boat commercially, see if you are allowed to
  • If you mind waiting for a few months, check the companies time frame for registering a boat

As you can see, registering a boat seems to be easy, but there’s more than meets the eye. It’s important to make a cosidered choice of boat registration.

What boat registration do I need?

Depending on your boat or yacht and the use of it, you can make a considered choice. As European market leader in boat registrations, we advise one of these trusted boat registrations:

  • Polish EU Registration
  • UK Part 1 Registration
  • Dutch Worldwide Registration
  • Greek EU Commercial Registration

In addition to a boat registration, it is often necessary to register your radio equipment. For this you need an MMSI radio license with an MMSI number, an AIS number and a call sign.

Don’t know which boat registration to choose? Let us explain you the differences between the above mentioned boat registrations.

How do I register my boat with yacht registration Holland

We try to make you understand how a boat registration is done as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve made a video of the registration process:

Online registration proces

You can easily apply for your yacht registration online. The video below briefly explains how this works. For more information, please look at the ‘Online registration portal‘ page.

How long is my registration valid?

The registration is valid as long as the boat is in your ownership, the boat is being scrapped or already is happened? Then the registration can be canceled, this is also the case when you leave the boat sells or exports abroad. When the engine power is reduced allowing the vessel to travel at a maximum speed of 20 km per hour, the registration must also be terminated turn into.

Different types of boat registrations

Every country has different laws and regulations for your boat registration, there are many different countries where registration can be favorable. For you one making a decision about the country of your boat registration it is wise to take the positive and weigh negative points against each other. An overview can be seen further on this page with the pros and cons.
First of all, it is wise to think about what you are looking for. There are many different types of boat registrations. You can choose a proof of ownership or a land registration. In case of land registration, the boat will be registered in the land register. For example using a Polish boat registration, your boat will be given Polish nationality. This is also true for other countries. This also means that you can sail with the flag of the country. The nationality of the boat has nothing to do with its own nationality, only where the boat is registered. By the flag can be seen from afar what the origin of the boat is. Very clear!

There are rules and costs associated with every boat registration. Between the different types there are huge differences in boat registrations. It is therefore important that you choose the most optimal boat registration for you. As the market leader in boat registrations, we have the most optimal boat registrations listed for you. We pay attention to the advantages that the boat registration entails and on total expenses.

Polish EU Registration

Polish EU Registration

A Polish EU Registration will let you sail your boat or yacht with the Polish flag. This is one of the most popular and affordable boat registrations at this moment. Because of the registration time for a lifetime and other benefits such as no yacht taxes nor yearly costs and it’s worldwide validation, the Polish boat registration is one to consider. It can be used for both private or commercial purposes. All the benefits of a Polish boat registration:

  • Valid for life!
  • Including provisional registration within 2 working days
  • No yacht taxes
  • No yearly costs
  • Paris MoU White Listed
  • Valid around the world
  • Official Polish EU flag registration
  • Possible for all nationalities
  • Quick registration
  • No yacht survey required (max. length 24m)
  • Available for commercial yachts (max. length 24m, under 15m no survey required)
  • No maritime restrictions
  • No Polish translations needed – English is just fine
UK Part 1 Registration

UK Part 1 Registration

The UK Part 1 Registration will let you be able to use the well-known and prestigious British flag. This boat registration is given a Class AA ration by almost all nautical authorities around the world. Also this boat registration can be used for both private and commercial purposes. One of the main benefits of this type of boat registration is that there is no restriction of the length of your boat. Even if your boat or yacht exceeds 24 meters. All the benefits of a UK part 1 registration:

  • Available for non-EU passport holders
  • Available for both private and commercial boats
  • Renewal only after 5 years
  • No restriction to the length of the boat (even if your boat exceeds 24 meters)
  • Quick registration within 3-4 weeks
  • Ultra-Fast procedure of just 3 days available (at an additional cost)
  • Online registration process
Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief Registration

Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief Registration

The Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief Registration lets you sail your boat or yacht with the Dutch national flag. The Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief Registration is the highest level of boat registration The Netherlands has to offer. It is issued by the Dutch Ministry of Transport and the Dutch government in the name of the King of the Netherlands. Sailing with the Dutch flag will give you a warm welcome in any country, worldwide. Benefits of the Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief Registration are:

  • Fully accepted by the nautical authorities and government of any country in the world
  • Yacht gets the formal nationality of the Kingdom of The Netherlands and which is issued by the Dutch government in name of the King
  • Only 1 initial “non-technical” inspection for marking and carving of the yacht
  • No recurring annual inspections of the yacht
  • No yacht taxes
  • No demands or annual inspections on flares and lifesaving electronics or equipment
  • Valid as long as the yacht owner decides – no end date
  • No limitation in miles from shore
  • CE certification is no issue for the issue of the registration
  • No questions asked about the VAT status of the yacht for the issue of the registration
  • Available for EU citizens or NON EU citizens in combination with an EU company
  • No third party insurance needed when making the registration request

MMSI radio license, AIS number and call sign

If you go around with your boat or yacht, you need an MMSI radio license. This means your boat needs to be registered in the MMSI register. After registration you will receive a unique identifying number called an MMSI number which will be transferred digitally by your ship’s radio.

Besides that you will receive an AIS number for your AIS equipment. This will provide your yachts identification, location, course and speed among other things. Furthermore you will receive a call sign which is a unique identifier of your boat.

Both the MMSI radio license, the AIS number and call sign will be provided in one package and can be fully requested online. The costs for a MMSI radio license are one time costs of € 250,-. If you combine the MMSI radio license package with a boat registration, you will receive a discount of € 100,-.

Required documents boat registration

Compare boat registrations

To get the best boat registration that fits your needs, we made a list with advantages per registration.

 Polish boat registrationUK Part 1 boat registrationDutch Zeebrief boat registration
Available for anyone (living in and outside the EU)
Proof of ownership
Land register registration (flag certificate)
World wide coverage?
European coverage?
No taxes or questions about the tax
Lifetime registration without the obligation to extend?
No inspection required
Standard time of registration3-4 weeks4-6 weeks4-6 weeks
Emergency procedure time3 working days3 working days
Costs€ 475,-€ 850,-€ 1750,-
Yearly costs?
Information & registration requestMore information & registration requestMore information & registration requestMore information & registration request

Please not that some providers offer their boat registrations for prices excluding tax, for smaller ships and other important specifications they fail to mention. The prices in the table above are all inclusive:

  • Costs for administration are included
  • Sending by courier are included
  • No distinction between boat length

If you want to work with a trustworthy company and market leader when it comes to boat registrations, then you should choose for BlueWater Registration Services. A reliable Dutch company. We make sure that our customers are happy with our services by making sure that we do as promised.

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