The registration of your boat can be a costly procedure, where you have to wade through large amounts of bureaucratic red tape. The procedure differs in every country, and the registration may or may not be officially recognized by every other country. If your boat registration is not done in the correct way, you might get into trouble with port authorities, customs agents or maritime law enforcement.

Summary of our services

  • Dutch and Belgian boat registration are the easiest registrations worldwide
  • We register your yacht for you in the easiest way possible
  • Avoid bureaucratic red tape and the language barrier
  • Attractive pricing level
  • We provide a legal Dutch domicile
  • Different Dutch and Belgian registration types available
  • Use our selection assistance tool to select the optimal boat registration for you
  • Sail under the globally respected Dutch or Belgian flag
  • The Dutch boat registration is also available to people outside the EU
  • We can also help you obtain an MMSI radio license

Yacht Registration Holland is the worldwide market leader in boat registration. Using our services, you can easily register your yacht in the Netherlands or Belgium. This is even possible if you’re not a EU citizen. These two countries are the least bureaucratic where the registration of your sailing, motor yacht or jet ski is concerned. We offer several types of official Dutch and Belgian yacht registration. We can help you decide on the type of registration, and we can complete the registration process for you. The small amount of bureaucratic red tape in the Netherlands or Belgium that remains will be taken care of by us. Furthermore, you’ll have the benefit of sailing under the globally respected flag of either the Netherlands or Belgium. Registering a boat in France, for example, does not have the same allure.

Boat registration made easy by Yacht Registration Holland

How to register a boat? The simplest answer to that question is given by us. The procedure is different in every country. A boat or lifeboat registration in an EU country like Spain is very different from a boat registration in South Africa, for example. In some countries the process is relatively clear and streamlined. In other countries the process is a nearly impenetrable bureaucratic mess. There’s also the language barrier, if you’re trying to register your yacht in a country of which you don’t speak the native language.

It can be said that the lowest degree of bureaucracy where boat registration is concerned is found in the Netherlands and Belgium. Granted, there’s still a small measure of red tape, and the documents you have to sign are drafted in Dutch or French. For Dutch registration, there’s also the requirement of a Dutch domicile – a valid address in the Netherlands.

Yacht Registration Holland registers yachts in these two countries on a daily basis. We can complete the registration for you with the least amount of hassle. Because we’re so experienced at registering yachts, we can provide this service at an attractively low price level. Unique among our competition, we can also provide a valid Dutch domicile for you, using our office address. Our competitors do not offer this, but without the domicile the boat registration in Holland is invalid and illegal.

Different types of Dutch registrations

A boat registration is not a singular thing, there are different types of registration. Our most popular registration is the EU ICP Light registration. This type is also the cheapest registration we offer, and it’s valid in the whole EU and many other countries. The registration procedure can be completed in three to five days. No inspection of your boat is necessary, and there’s no annual yacht tax. If you don’t have an address in the Netherlands, our office address will be your official, government-recognized domicile.

More comprehensive is the Dutch Worldwide registration. As the name implies, this boat registration is recognized in every country on earth. Your yacht will be registered with the Dutch land registry. A Dutch Cadastre employee will inspect your boat and apply microdots to it. These microdots will help authorities worldwide to verify the ownership of your yacht in case of theft. The microdots are not visible to the naked eye and it’s impossible to remove all of them. At many insurance companies, you will get a discount on your premium if microdots have been applied to your yacht.

A Belgian boat registration

You can also opt for a Belgian yacht registration. There are two types, a leisure yacht registration and a commercial yacht registration. This boat registration is available for all yachts with a maximum length of 24 metres. There’s a one-time registration tax to the Belgian government. The precise amount charged is based on the age of your yacht. As with the EU ICP Light registration, there’s no need for a yacht inspection for a leisure yacht.

Our service for boat owners outside the EU

Do you live in a country that’s not part of the European Union? Normally you’d not be able to register your yacht in the Netherlands or Belgium. But we’ve found a way for you to be able to do that nonetheless. The Dutch boat registration is available to you by registering an English Limited company. This company becomes the owner of your yacht, with you as the sole director and shareholder. There are some extra costs involved, but this procedure makes the Dutch yacht registration available to people outside the EU.

Your MMSI radio license within 24 hours

The final service we provide is the MMSI radio license package. You will receive a unique call sign and an MMSI and AIS number within 24 hours, for a fixed price. We offer a € 100 discount on this price if you simultaneously register your yacht with us. With the Dutch Worldwide registration, the call sign and MMSI license are included in the price.

Are you wondering which type of boat registration is most suitable for your situation? Our website offers a selection assistance tool. After answering a few easy questions we will recommend the type of yacht registration that’s most suitable for you.

Trouble-free boat registration at minimal costs is provided to you by Yacht Registration Holland! Benefit now from our unique yacht registration services and set sail proudly, carrying the Dutch or Belgian flag.

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