The registration of your commercial barge is a mandatory procedure, which can be a bureaucratic hassle in many countries. Yacht Registration Holland registers leisure and commercial boats in the Netherlands and Belgium. In these countries, the bureaucratic red tape is kept to a minimum. We can organise a commercial barge registration in Belgium for you, which is recognized worldwide. This registration is available for barges up to 24 metres, with a maximum of 12 people.

A commercial barge registration in the Belgian ship register

When it comes to a vessel registration in Belgium, there are two types of registrations. For a barge registration, you need the Premium Belgian commercial yacht registration, available at Yacht Registration Holland. We can organise this for you within 2 to 3 weeks. Every European port can be your home port. The registration is accepted by almost every insurance company. This registration is also open to non-Belgian citizens and even to people living outside the European Union. A renewal of your barge registration is only required after 5 years.

The procedure to obtain a globally recognized registration is easier in Belgium than it is in almost every other country. We offer this procedure to you for the attractive price of € 850. The annual recurring fee is priced at € 250. You’ll also have to pay a once-off registration tax to the Belgian government. The amount taxed depends on the age of your barge.

Start the registration procedure for your barge now

Do you wish to hit the open seas with your barge as soon as possible? Register your commercial barge now, by starting the procedure at Yacht Registration Holland. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Operate your barge under the proud Belgian flag soon, with a globally recognized registration. Yacht Registration Holland is the market leader in Dutch and Belgian boat registrations.

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18 April 2018