Dutch worldwide registration

Our all-in Dutch worldwide registration is the only registration of its kind in the world!

Our all-in Dutch registration for your sailing or motor yacht includes:

  • International Dutch registration of your yacht
  • Registration of your yacht in the Dutch land registry
  • Issue of Dutch Certificate of Registry
  • Issue of a Dutch tonnage certificate (For ships up to 24 metres) (For ships longer than 24 metres you must provide your own tonnage certificate)
  • Assignment of an international call sign, MMSI and ATIS number
  • Invisible application of Microdots on your yacht (linked to your identity and used to identify your yacht anywhere in the world in the event of the theft of your yacht)


Consider that your yacht gets stolen. If this happens, you’ll count yourself lucky that you went with the Worldwide Registration option. To protect your yacht in the best way possible and to ensure that it is returned to you, the rightful owner, as soon as possible in the event of unexpected theft, we apply microdots to your sailing or motor yacht.

Microdots are tiny synthetic discs that carry your unique identification number. Thousands of these discs are fixed to immovable or more theft-susceptible parts of your vessel with a transparent glue.

This layer of glue with microdots is water- and heat-proof, all but invisible and can be applied to both the in- and outboard. Only those authorised, such as the water police, can read the code with the aid of special equipment. Microdots are more secure than markings since they cannot be removed.

What makes microdots so effective?

  • It is impossible to remove all the applied microdots or to change the unique code.
  • Only a single microdot need be found in order to identify the name of a stolen ship that is registered with the Dutch land registry.
  • The lifespan of the microdots is guaranteed to be at least 20 years after application.
  • Most insurers offer a discount on your insurance premium if you use microdots.

After completion of the full procedure, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment will issue an ‘International Certificate of Registration’ and the ship will also be recorded as registered property with the Dutch Land Registry.

Don’t have an EU passport? According to Dutch law, you are not eligible to request a Dutch Certificate of Registration. However, Yacht Registration Holland has come up with an excellent solution to this problem. Many non-EU ship owners have benefited from it already.

Our solution is to set up an English limited company (Ltd.) in your name, which subsequently becomes the owner of your yacht on paper. You are made the sole shareholder and director of your limited company. The costs of the limited company are €350 for the first year and €250 for every subsequent year.

Costs of Worldwide Yacht Registration

Yacht Registration Holland offers the initial package for the extensive Worldwide Registration package, including contracts, domicile, notary, land registry, Ministry, tonnage certificate, International Certificate of Registry, MMSI Radio License and registration for the excellent price of €1450. The subsequent costs amount to just €300 a year. This includes the annual radio license tax of €55.

Next to this the Dutch Cadastre will send their inspector on board of your yacht for inspection, mark with the registration number and apply the microdots.

This inspection is not included in the offered yacht registration price and will be offered to you based on cost price by the Cadastre. The average costs for a inspection in Europe is between 750-1000 euro. This is a one time cost only.

The inspection is not a technical inspection and can be done on the dry or in the water.

We’ll be happy to offer you a clear, no-obligation quote. Simply fill in the quote form on the following page. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.
Similar registrations in countries such as Luxembourg and Monaco are often many thousands of Euros more expensive and lack the image and grandeur of the world-famous Dutch flag!

Registration of your yacht with the Dutch Worldwide Registration is the most respected and most well-known registration throughout the world.

What does Yacht Registration Holland do for you?

Yacht Registration Holland can take care of the whole process of the Dutch registration of any pleasure boat across the globe. We work together with professionals, such as certified accountants and notaries. For many years now, Yacht Registration Holland has worked with established partners to ensure reliability.

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18 April 2018