Polish boat registration is for a lifetime

Thank you for your interests in a boat registration Poland. When registering your boat, yacht or jetski in Poland, you are sure of a life time registration. As Poland is a full European Union member, a Polish boat registration is very attractive for pleasure craft, operators, charters and private yacht owners.

Benefits of a Polish boat registration

  • Valid around the world
  • Official Polish flag registration
  • Possible for all nationalities
  • Quick registration in 3-4 weeks
  • Ultra Fast procedure within a few days available (at an additional cost)
  • No yacht survey required (max. length 24m)
  • No maritime restrictions
  • No Polish translations needed – English is just fine
  • Valid for life

How does it work?

Do you need a Polish boat registration? Yacht Registration Holland services customers from all over the world. Our registration service covers the whole registration in English. You just need to follow a few steps in our online registration process. When we have received the required documents, we will submit your information to request the Polish boat registration. After completion, you will get send your boat registration by overnight courier.

What is your situation?

I do not have an European pasport

Anyone can get a Polish boat registration. If you are not owning an European pasport, we can still request a Polish boat registration for you. It is necessary that the ownership of the boat lies within the EU. This can be done by setting up an Irish Limited Company under your name of which you are the only owner. Yacht Registration Holland will arrange the whole process.

After we’ve created your new Irish Ltd., you prepare a bill of sale to transfer the ownership of your boat, yacht or jet ski to your new Irish Ltd. This way the ownership of your boat now lies within the EU.

Please note that the company, of which you are the only owner, will not be active and so you do not have to pay any taxes nor do you have any other obligations.

I do have an European pasport

When you own a valid European pasport, you can request a Polish boat registration under your personal name.

How long does it take to get a Polish boat registration?

Registering your vessel does only take 3-4 weeks, from the moment you have provided us with the requested documents. Not fast enough? Ask for our Ultra-Fast procedure, which will arrange the registration in a time frame of a few days.

How much does a Polish boat registration cost?

The entire Polish boat registration costs € 750,-. If you need an Ultra-Fast procedure, then we will have to calculate € 350,- extra for additional costs that the registration entails.

Pleasure Vessel Registration In Poland

Which documents are required for the Pleasure Registration of a vessel?

  • Original bill of sale, sales agreement or original invoice or a notarised copy of it
  • CE certificate or Builders certificate, clearly stating the vessel’s dimensions. A formal survey report or tonnage certificate is also acceptable
  • Deletion of the previous flag if applicable
  • Copy of your passport or company registration documents

Registering your yacht is simple! It only takes 3 easy steps

  1. Fill out our online form and upload all relevant documents
  2. We check your paperwork and send you our invoice, which can be paid by any major creditcard or by bank transfer
  3. The registration of your boat under the Polish flag begins! You will receive your registration certificate by overnight courier