Whether jet ski registration is mandatory depends on where you want to use your jet ski. At the very least, registration can be used to verify your ownership of your jet ski. We recommend registering your jet ski for maximum freedom of movement and for anti-theft purposes. It’s possible that registering your jet ski in your country is a process where you have to scale a bureaucratic mountain of red tape. A relatively low amount of bureaucracy in the registration process is found in the Netherlands and Britain. Yacht Registration Holland can complete the procedure for you in just a few days.

Advantages of our services

  • Comply with all maritime regulations
  • Your ownership of the jet ski can be verified if your stolen jet ski is recovered
  • An easy procedure, free of bureaucratic red tape
  • The least possible amount of hassle for you
  • The EU ICP Light registration is valid in the EU and many countries outside it
  • Cheap and fast registration, within 3 to 5 days
  • We can provide you with a Dutch domicile
  • Alternatively, choose a registration with worldwide validity

A cheap Dutch jet ski registration, valid in the EU and many other countries

A jet ski registration doesn’t have to be expensive, when you choose the services of Yacht Registration Holland. Our cheapest, most popular option is very suitable for jet skis. The Dutch EU ICP Light Registration is valid in every country in the European Union, but is also recognized in many other countries. An inspection of your jet ski isn’t required and the registration process can be completed in 3 to 5 days. Being entered into this register means that the ownership of your jet ski can be easily verified in case of theft. This registration is available for the low price of just € 350.

Normally this registration with the Royal Dutch Watersport Association is only available to Dutch residents. A Dutch domicile, which can’t be a PO box, is a requirement. We can provide you with a Dutch domicile, using our office address. We’ve done this for many of our customers without any problems. Even when you live outside of the EU we can accommodate you. We’ll register an English Limited company in your name. This dormant company will on paper be the owner of your jet ski, with you as the sole director and shareholder.

Other registration types for your jet ski

Are you looking for a jet ski registration that’s guaranteed to be recognized by all countries on earth? The Dutch worldwide registration is valid absolutely everywhere. In addition, your jet ski is entered into the Dutch cadastre. For most intents and purposes however, the EU ICP Light registration is more than enough for most jet ski owners. This is also the cheapest registration type we offer.

Choose the services of Yacht Registration Holland for an easy and cheap registration of your jet ski. Start the procedure now or feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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