If your yacht needs to be entered into the ship register, you can do this in your own country. However, that’s not necessarily the best option. For example, if you live in the UK, you can enter your yacht in the UK ship register, but that’s not your only option. Each country has its own procedure to enter a boat into its own national registry, and into the international register of ships. In some countries, the procedure involves dealing with a lot of bureaucratic red tape. The least amount of bureaucracy is found in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Yacht Registration Holland can enter your yacht into the Dutch or Belgian ship register for you. We will take care of the limited amount of bureaucracy that’s involved with the procedure. You’ll be compliant with all international regulations and you’ll sail proudly and carefree under the internationally respected Dutch or Belgian flag.

Different types of Dutch registrations, each with its own benefits

The ships register in the Netherlands allows two types of registrations. The first one, the cheapest we offer, is the EU ICP Light registration. Your yacht is entered into the ship’s register, and this registration is recognized in the whole European Union and many countries outside it. If you don’t have the Dutch nationality, our office address can be your Dutch domicile. This offer is included in the price and allows people outside of the Netherlands to enter their ship into the Dutch ship register. For the EU ICP Light registration, there’s no ship inspection required.

You can also choose the Dutch worldwide registration. This type of registration is recognized in every country in the world. The complete package we offer also includes a ship station license, which is required when broadcasting with your yacht’s radio. With the other types of registration we offer, you can choose the MMSI & AIS radio package separately and get a discount on this package. For the worldwide registration, your ship will be inspected, during which anti-theft microdots will be applied to your yacht. This will get you a discount on your yacht’s insurance at many insurance providers.

Alternatively, we can enter your yacht in the Belgian ship register

Entering your ship into the Belgian ship register is also an option we provide. You can choose between the Premium Belgian leisure yacht registration and the commercial yacht registration. The first one is suitable for any leisure sailing or motor yacht that’s up to 24 metres long. The commercial yacht registration is intended for bareboat charter yachts. These registrations are available for attractive prices, plus a one-time tax to the Belgian government.

The benefits of easy and fast ship registration by Yacht Registration Holland

  • Avoid unnecessary bureaucracy
  • Attractive prices
  • Choose your ideal type of ship registration
  • Recognized in the EU or even worldwide
  • MMSI & AIS radio license available
  • Fast service – your registration is completed as soon as possible
  • Sail proudly under the renowned Dutch or Belgian flag

Enter your yacht into the internationally recognized ship register of the Netherlands or Belgium. Contact Yacht Registration Holland for more information or to begin the registration procedure.

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