Irish Limited company

Now Brexit is a fact with UK leaving the EU, customers are enquiring what is the most attractive, secure and best for value EU jurisdiction where an asset holding company be set up in a matter of days? Answer is Ireland and on request we can arrange for you an Irish Limited company.

This is the simplest and low cost way for both an EU and a NON EU yacht owners to get their yacht registered in the European Union.

To keep it short, we form for you an Irish Limited company for the sole purpose of yacht registration.

It will not be economically active and therefore the administrational obligations are kept to a minimum.

There is the obligation to submit a tax declaration once a year but everything will be done by our partner company in Ireland so you do not have to worry about anything.

To set up a limited company in Ireland, one of the directors or a director has to be an EU/EEA resident. Depending on the circumstances, a yacht owner could act as a director himself, if he holds an EU/EEA residency, or avail of an EU nominee director services offered by our Irish partner company.

Option 1.

The yacht owner is a holder of an EU/EEA passport and will act as the shareholder and director himself or he will provide an EU/EEA resident director

Initial costs: 750,00 euro
Annual costs: 850,00 euro

Option 2.

The yacht owner will be the shareholder himself but will appoint an EU resident nominee director provided by our Irish partner company

Initial costs: 1350,00 euro
Annual costs: 1450,00 euro

Yacht Registration Company
3 July 2019