San Marino yacht registration

San Marino is a Member State of IMO since 2002 and started a new ship register in 2021, which ensures fast and efficient registration in Europe. The San Marino yacht registration for private yachts is valid for 5 years and the procedure takes only 2 working days.

San Marino is a renowned flag that is valid all over the world and it is a highly rated IMO flag. San Marino has its own delegation to the IMO and represented offices in several countries.

As San Marino is in Europe but not part of the EU, it is ideally located for ships navigating the Mediterranean.

The San Marino yacht registration is a popular yacht registration due to its fast registration process and low cost. This coupled with a prestigious flag such as that of San Marino, is sure to be a popular possibility for boat owners around the world.

As it is highly respected it will save you a lot of bureaucracy and red tape when entering a new marina / country.

Benefits of the San Marino yacht registration

  • Ready within just two working days
  • The whole procedure can be done online
  • Valid for 5 years
  • No need to send originals by courier
  • Available for any nationality
  • Clear and simple legislation
  • No yacht inspection needed for private yachts under twenty-four meters
  • No bureaucracy
  • Also suitable for commercial yachts
  • Low registration costs
  • Suitable for renting out a private yacht
  • Competent customer service
  • Well known European registration
  • Paris MoU White listed
  • Valid in any country in the world
  • Agreements with major technical organizations recognised by the IMO
  • Including AIS & MMSI Radio License
  • No restrictions of the nationalities of owners and crew

How does it work?

Do you need a San Marino yacht registration? BlueWater Registration Services serves customers from all over the world. Our registration service covers the whole registration process in English.

You just need to follow a few simple steps in our online registration process. When we have received the required documents, we will create the complete dossier to request the San Marino yacht registration for you. After completion we will upload all registration documents in your online registration portal for immediate use.

Online registration process

Requesting a San Marino yacht registration with us is easy! You can easily apply for your yacht registration everything online. The video below briefly explains how this works. For more information, please look at the ‘online registration portal‘ page.

Direct registration for EU and non-EU passport holders

The San Marino yacht registry is a yacht registry available for all nationalities. In addition, you can register your yacht privately or commercially.

San Marino Yacht Registration

If a company currently owns your yacht, you can use this company to register your yacht. Do you not have a company yet and would you like a company owned your boat? Yacht Registration Holland helps you to set up a company in Gibraltar, UK, Panama or Ireland.


As a non-resident of San Marino, you must have a local resident agent as your local representative. We will arrange this for you. This gives you an official registered agent in San Marino for only €100 per year (€500 for the 5-year registration of your license). The compensation is the same for private or company owned vessels.

How long does it take to get a San Marino Yacht Registration?

The advantage of the San Marino Yacht Registration is that you will receive the registration within two working days. This means u can use the San Marino Yacht Registration instantly and makes it the fastest procedure in the world!

How much does a San Marino Yacht Registration cost?

The price is based on the length of the boat:

  • Yachts till 10.00 meter €590
  • Yachts from 10.00 meter till 24.00 meter € 1600,-

Additional costs:

  • Local resident agent € 150,- per year / € 750,- for 5 year period
  • Our handling & administration costs € 250,-

The additional costs are for a local resident agent and our handling & administration costs which include:

  1. San Marino provisional yacht registration certificate
  2. San Marino yacht registration certificate
  3. Official San Marino AIS & MMSI Radio License (option for yachts <10 meter of length)
  4. San Marino Yacht Safety Certificate (option for yachts <10 meter of length)
  5. San Marino Resident Agent for 5 years
  6. All San Marino taxes and fees
  7. Our handling & costs

To successfully register your yacht in San Marino we need:

  1. Color scan copy of your passport or ID card
  2. Company documents if the yacht is owned by a company (not older than 6 months)
  3. Bill of Sale or Builders Certificate
  4. Power of Attorney (we will provide that to you)
  5. Proof of deletion of the previous registry (when applicable)
  6. Previous International Tonnage Certificate (when available)
  7. Completed application forms (we will provide that to you)
  8. Copy of your yacht insurance policy (for yachts over 24 meters)

In the case the yacht is older than 20 years you need to arrange a pre-registration inspection first with a surveyor from the approved list. Once done you can send the survey report by email to us.

Which survey and classification company’s are approved by the San Marino authorities?

Rina, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s, Turkish Lloyd, DNV and the American Bureau of Shipping are authorized by the San Marino nautical authorities to perform the ships in inspection in their name. It is also possible to make use of San Marino Authorized surveyors.

All documents need to be in English or Italian or a formal translation needs to be provided.

Bill of Sale Generator tool

We have a free Bill of Sale Generator tool available. This tool helps you to create a new Bill of Sale for your yacht. After completing the data you can submit it. We will then check all information provided free of any costs. Once approved we wil create the new bill of sale and let you know how to download it.

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