MMSI Service

Do you need a license for your yacht’s radio equipment?

Yacht Registration Holland provides you with a complete MMSI radio license package including documents within 24 hours.

Our MMSI service covers VHF, AIS, radar and EPIRB equipment.

You will receive a unique call sign, MMSI and AIS number. These can be used immediately.

The cost of an MMSI Radio License is just €250 for the first request plus the annual radio license tax of €60. This is invoiced each calendar year. In November the annual radio license tax is charged for the following year.

If you also request a yacht registration from us, you will receive a €100 discount on your MMSI radio license. You pay just €150 plus the annual radio license tax.

For your yacht’s radio equipment, you need an MMSI radio license. Your boat needs to be entered into the MMSI register, after which you will receive a unique identifying number. An AIS number and a unique call sign are also required. Are you looking to get this complete package quickly and without any bureaucratic red tape? Yacht Registration Holland can provide you with the aforementioned things within 24 hours.

Receive a call sign, MMSI number and AIS number quickly

AIS equipment provides your yacht’s identification, location, course and speed, among other things. For the identification, you need a unique AIS number. Your ship’s radio also sends your unique MMSI number digitally. Furthermore, your yacht’s call sign is also a unique identifier of your boat.

The complete MMSI radio license package from Yacht Registration Holland provides you with both these numbers and the call sign. You’ll also receive the official documents that come with the radio license. You can request a clear, no-obligation quote, which we’ll provide within 24 hours, if not sooner. If you agree to the price, you’ll receive the package including documents within another 24 hours.

Attractive price, with a discount when you register your yacht

A radio license package is available for € 250 for the first request. The annual radio license tax is €60. This tax is invoiced in November of each year, for the following year.

It’s possible to receive a discount on our MMSI license service. The core business of Yacht Registration Holland is the registration of yachts into the Dutch or British boat register. If you use our services to register your yacht, we’ll give you a € 100 discount on your MMSI license. This means you’ll only be paying € 150 for your license, plus the annual radio license tax.

Elsewhere on our website, you can read about the benefits of registering your boat in the Netherlands or Britain. This service is available for EU citizens, but also for non-EU residents. The registration is easy, fast and free of any bureaucratic red tape. Soon you’ll be sailing proudly carrying the Dutch or Belgian flag.

The advantages of using our services to get your radio license

  • A legally valid license
  • The complete package: MMSI and AIS numbers and a unique call sign
  • Official documentation
  • A free price quote within 24 hours
  • Receive your license package within 24 hours
  • Just € 250 plus the annual radio license tax
  • Register your yacht and get a € 100 discount on your radio license
  • Take a look at our Dutch and Belgian boat registration services

Get your radio license quickly for an attractive price, and let us take care of the bureaucratic procedure for

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