It’s possible to register your yacht under the flag of the country you live in. However, the procedure could be complicated and might involve a substantial amount of bureaucratic red tape. Each country has its own procedure to enter a yacht into its flag register. The procedures in the Netherlands and Belgium keep the amount of bureaucracy to a minimum. Furthermore, you’ll be sailing under the proud Dutch or Belgian flag, which are both widely respected worldwide.

This Belgian or Dutch flag registration is also open to yacht owners outside these countries, thanks to Yacht Registration Holland. The procedure is quick, easy and completely compliant with international maritime laws and standards. We offer registrations which are accepted in the EU and many other countries, but also worldwide registrations.

A Dutch flag registration, with Amsterdam as your home port

Registering your ship with a Dutch flag registration at Yacht Registration Holland will result in your ship having Amsterdam as its home port. Combined with proudly flying the Dutch flag will earn you a lot of respect on the open sea and in ports worldwide. The cheapest way of being entered into the Dutch flag register is the EU ICP Light registration. We can complete the process for you in just a few days, without the need for an inspection of your yacht. This entry in the flag register is valid in the whole European Union and many other countries. You’ll need a Dutch domicile for this registration. We’re able to offer you our office address as your legal Dutch domicile.

Are you looking for a more comprehensive registration, that’s guaranteed to be accepted regardless of where you set sail in the world? The Dutch worldwide registration is accepted worldwide. During the inspection of your yacht, the inspector will apply microdots to the hull of your boat. These invisible little dots are a powerful anti-theft measure. They are impossible to remove and your ownership of your yacht is easily verified. They will also get you a discount on your premium at many yacht insurance companies. The worldwide registration is also bundled with an MMSI & AIS radio license.

An entry into the Belgian flag register

In some cases, a Belgian yacht registration can be preferred to a Dutch one. A Belgian registration is also valid worldwide, without the need for an inspection for leisure yachts. It comes at an attractive price, plus a one-off tax to the Belgian government. The amount taxed is based on the age of your yacht. There are separate registrations for leisure or commercial boats. If you’re going to use your boat as a bareboat charter yacht, the commercial registration is right for you.

We offer multiple methods of entry into the Dutch or Belgian flag register. We understand you might have questions about which type of yacht registration is most suitable for you. For that reason, we have providing a selection assistance tool. After you answer a few question, we recommend a certain type of yacht registration to you. If you need further information, please feel free to contact us.

Summary of our yacht registration services

  • Sail proudly under the Dutch or Belgian flags
  • Valid in the EU or worldwide
  • Cheap EU ICP Light registration with Dutch domicile provided by us
  • Dutch and Belgian worldwide registrations
  • Dutch worldwide registration bundled with microdots and a radio license
  • Quick service at attractive prices
  • Completely legal service

Do you wish your yacht to be entered into the renowned Dutch or Belgian flag register? Contact Yacht Registration Holland for more information or to start the registration procedure.

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