Minimize your Maritime Corporate Taxes with the San Marino Maritime Company

Are you in the maritime industry and on the hunt for an optimized tax structure in a reputable European and OECD White Listed jurisdiction? Look no further. Whether you are a charter company, shipyard, broker, supplier, manufacturer, shipping company, or involved in any type of maritime business, San Marino provides a unique proposition for your business. As the world’s oldest republic, San Marino offers financial stability, a robust legal framework, and exceptional tax advantages.

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Exceptional Tax Advantages

A San Marino Maritime Company (SRL) offers a range of unparalleled tax benefits tailored for the maritime industry. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Reduced Profit Tax:
    Benefit from a low 3.4% tax rate on your annual profits for the first 10 years of operation.
  • Dividend Taxation:
    A nominal 5% tax on dividends to individuals and non-residents.
  • No VAT:
    Benefit from the absence of VAT as San Marino is not a part of the EU. Ideal for tax-free investing in yachts and other investments important to your business.
  • Tax Deferral:
    Defer the already discounted profit tax for up to three years. An excellent boost for startups in the initial, low-profit stages.
  • License Fee Exemptions:
    Take advantage of zero license fees for the first four years of operation.
  • Investment Incentives:
    Enjoy tax reductions on income generated from capital goods or real estate investments.
  • Deductible Expenses:
    Write-off company costs with minimal limitations.
  • Reputable Jurisdiction:
    San Marino is a highly respected European country with an impeccable reputation.
  • OECD Approval:
    The country’s white-listed status by the OECD underscores its commitment to international best practices.

Seamless Company Formation

We collaborate with esteemed specialized notaries and accountants in San Marino to offer a hassle-free and fast company formation process.

Formation Highlights

  • Global Flexibility: Shareholders can be individuals or entities from any nationality or jurisdiction.
  • Local Director Not Required: Run your company without the need for a local resident director.
  • Limited Liability: Only the company’s assets are liable for its debts.
  • Accessible Funds: A minimum share capital of €25,500 is required, which becomes immediately available for your business operations.
  • Low Corporate Tax: An annual corporate tax of just €350.

Operational Necessities

  • Human Resources: Employ at least one individual (director), and a second employee within 24 months.
  • Remote Operation: Conveniently form your company and open your mandatory San Marino corporate bank account remotely.

Cost Structure

Initial All-Inclusive Setup Fee: €7,950 (VAT-free). This covers:

  • Notary fees
  • Accountant setup costs
  • Business license and tax numbers
  • Administrative tax
  • Tax identification
  • Accounting book endorsements
  • San Marino taxes and fees
  • Our handling and administration costs

Annual Company Maintenance Fee: €3,500, covering:

  • Notary costs
  • Business license tax
  • Notarized shareholders meeting for financial statement approval
  • San Marino taxes and fees
  • Our handling and administration costs

Note: All setup and annual costs are fully deductible.

Additional Services

Professional Support: Our partnerships with specialized administration and accounting firms ensure you maximize your benefits. Initial consultancy and establishment fees are included in the initial setup cost.

Office Requirement: A San Marino office address is mandatory and available at a monthly cost of around €300. We can assist in setting this up smoothly for you for a low one time fee of only €500.00

Remote Company Opening: Should you wish to establish your new San Marino Maritime Company remotely and forego visiting San Marino, a notary can create a Power of Attorney for you and organize a delegate. There is an additional charge of €1500.00 for this service.

San Marino Business Bank Introduction: A business bank in San Marino is mandatory. Allow us to connect you to one of the principal business banks in San Marino for remote business bank account opening. The service fee for this introduction is €500. Take the next step in securing superior banking for your business needs!

Get Started

Whether you aim to use the San Marino Maritime Company as an owning entity for your San Marino-registered yacht, or for any other maritime venture—including yachts flagged in other jurisdictions—we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Rest assured, we are fully equipped to accommodate yachts registered under any flag, ensuring seamless operational and fiscal integration.

Contact us today to commence your journey towards unparalleled fiscal efficiency and business growth.