Panama Yacht Registration

One of the world most used yacht registrations is the Panama yacht registration. Panama is known for the Panama Canal, which is an important shipping link between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. For 73 years, Panama offers various options for the registration of ships and yachts engaged in all types of maritime activities. One of the main features is that it is Paris MoU Whitelisted which guarantees smooth customs procedures.

Benefits of the Panama Yacht Registration

  • Low initial costs
  • Fast registration process
  • Possible for all nationalities
  • Do not pay VAT when buying a yacht
  • Paris MoU White Listed
  • Low annual costs
  • No yacht inspection needed
  • Valid Worldwide
Boat registrations for non European citizens too

How does it work?

Do you need a Panama boat registration? BlueWater Registration Services services customers from all over the world. Our registration service covers the whole registration proces in English. You just need to follow a few steps in our online registration process. When we have received the required documents, we will start processing your yacht registration dossier right away.  After completion, you will send your boat registration by overnight courier to any location in the world.

Online registration process

Requesting a Panamese yacht registration with us is easy! You can easily apply for your yacht registration everything online. The video below briefly explains how this works. For more information, please look at the ‘Online registration portal‘ page.

For customers with and without an EU passport

It is possible for everyone to register a Panama boat registration. It does not matter whether you have an EU passport.

Required documents boat registration

How long does it take to receive a Panama boat registration?

The advantage of the Panama boat registration is that you will receive your provisional boat registration within just 2 working days. This means that you can use the Panama boat registration almost immediately. The 2 working days start from the moment we have received all the necessary scanned documents by you. You just have to upload them in our online registration system.

How much does a Panama boat registration cost?

The entire Panama boat registration costs 899 euro’s.

  • Not included: Government fee: 1499
  • Not included: Bill of sale registration: 425

What documents are needed for a Panama Yacht Registration?

During the online registration procedure for a Panama boat registration, we need the following scanned documents from you. These have to be in English. In case the documents are not in English they need to be formally translated into English.

  1. Proof of ownership (Bill of Sale or Invoice) (Notarized)
  2. Builder’s certificate for newly constructed vessels. (Notarized)
  3. Power of attorney which we will provide to you. (Notarized)
  4. Deletion certificate or document to the effect that the previous registry has been canceled. (Not required for new yachts). (Notarized)
  5. A signed letter confirming that the vessel will not be used for commercial purposes. (We will provide that to you)

After we have provided you with the provisional registration we need to receive from you the ORIGINAL documents by courier. Once received we will apply for the permanent Panamese yacht registration.

Bill of Sale Generator tool

We have a free Bill of Sale Generator tool available. This tool helps you to create a new Bill of Sale for your yacht. After completing the data you can submit it. We will then check all information provided free of any costs. Once approved we wil create the new bill of sale and let you know how to download it.

Trusted company with verified references

Please note that we are an experienced boat registration company with a service record of more than 10 years. We serve customers from all over the world. If you have any doubts, please read the feedback that we have been given by our satisfied customers. You can read their individual experiences with our company on the bottom of this page (verified references by Trustpilot).