Small ships register

Registration in the small ships register is required for leisure and charter yachts up. The registration procedure is different in each country. In many countries, the procedure is unnecessarily complex and the amount of red tape you have to cut through can be disheartening. Yacht Registration Holland can help you get your yacht entered into the small ships register quickly and easily. We use the small ship register in the Netherlands and the UK for this, countries with a relatively low degree of bureaucracy. However, when you make use of our service, you do not have to live in either of these countries. We’ve enabled our services to all EU residents, and even people outside the European Union.

An internationally recognized entry into the small ships register

Sailing is an international hobby. For maximum freedom in choosing your destination, a small boat registration has to be internationally recognized. The Dutch EU ICP Light registration is recognized in the whole European Union and many other countries. Alternatively, you can opt for the Dutch worldwide registration, which is recognized in every country in the world. The UK Part One Registration is also valid worldwide.

You might also need an MMSI & AIS radio license. We can provide such a license within 24 hours. When you register your yacht with us in the small ships register, you will receive a discount on your radio license. Our World Wide Registration optionally offers invisible anti-theft microdots that can be applied during the inspection of your yacht. For our EU Light Registration of an MMSI licence no yacht inspection is required. Other registration types require inspection of your yacht or small ship.

We can provide a Dutch domicile or an English limited company

We’ve mentioned that an entry into the Dutch or British small ships register is available to non-Dutch and non-British residents. For the Dutch registration, a Dutch domicile is required. Unlike other registration service providers, we’re able to provide such a domicile to you. Your official Dutch domicile will be our office address. This way your yacht will be completely legally entered into the Dutch small ships register.

The aforementioned procedure is open to residents of the EU. But even non-EU residents can make use of our services. We will set up an English Limited company for you, which will be the official owner of your yacht. You will be the sole owner and shareholder of this dormant company. This requires no effort from you and it makes our services available to you no matter your country of residence.

Yacht Registration Holland quickly enters your yacht into the small ships register for you, jet ski’s can also be registered. Avoid bureaucratic red tape and carry the proud and respected Dutch or British flag on your yacht!

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