UK Limited Company

Basically, we arrange for you a “dormant” company for the purpose of yacht registration. A dormant company is a company in rest, and which has no commercial or economical activities at all. It has no tax number and has no bank account. Therefor it has very limited formal obligations.

Benefits of an UK Limited company

  • Suitable for UK Part 1 registration or any other boat registration we offer
  • Your company will be created within 2 days
  • Low annual costs
  • The company is not active which means no obligations
  • You will be the only owner and director of the sleeping UK Limited company
  • BlueWater Registration Services takes care of all the necessarily paperwork and filings for you
Boat registrations for non European citizens too

How does it work?

Do you need a UK limited company because you do not own a European passport and want a registration in any of the EU countries? BlueWater Registration Services services customers from all over the world. Our registration service covers the whole registration in English. You just need to follow a few simple steps in our online registration process. When we have received the required documents, we will submit your information to the authorities and setup your UK limited company within 2 days. After completion, you will receive all company documents digitally by email from us.

Online registration

You can easily apply for your yacht registration online. The video below briefly explains how this works. For more information, please look at the ‘Online registration portal‘ page.

How long does it take to get a UK limited company?

Setting up a UK limited company takes 2 days. The company documents will be delivered to you by email right away!

How much does a UK limited company cost?

The setup costs of a UK limited company are € 450,-. The yearly fee for company maintenance, filing out documents and the mandatory UK address and representation is € 325,-.

Shown prices include all our services such as:

  • Processing your request
  • Creating the UK Limited company and all additional costs
  • Correspondence with the UK authorities
  • Registration documents
  • UK taxes and fees
  • Mandatory UK address and representation
Required documents boat registration

What documents are required for an UK limited company?

During the online registration process for an UK limited company, we require the following documents:

  1. Identification of all shareholders
  2. Proof of address of all shareholders
  3. Identification of all directors
  4. Proof of address of all directors

Please note: all documents need to be written in English. If the documents are not in English a translation of these documents needs to be provided. This can be done by you, the yacht owner or a formal translator.

Trusted company with verified references

Please note that we are an experienced boat registration company with a service record of more than 10 years. We serve customers from all over the world. If you have any doubts, please read the feedback that we have been given by our satisfied customers. You can read their personal experiences with our company on the bottom of this page (verified references by Trustpilot).

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