Boat registration with BlueWater Registration Services

Boat registration with BlueWater Registration Services

Never ending stretches of water, the picturesque areas far in the ocean, the mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. A dream that every boat lover wants to experience.

A seasoned boat owner or seller knows that there is much more to owning a boat than what meets the eye. You will be able to enjoy all these things only when you have a valid boat registration. So once you have acquired a vessel, the next step is to get it registered under the flag of a jurisdiction of your choice. Before you go to anyone else, we would like to give you some insight of the advantages BlueWater Registration Services can offer you.

Quick & Efficient

When you have bought a yacht it is difficult to wait even a minute to take it out in the vast ocean and make most of it. In order to sail from harbor to harbor, it’s important that you get your boat registered. If you have not, you can get in some serious trouble. BlueWater Registration Services offers you a quick and efficient process that ensures your boat gets registered even within a few days.

Low rate boat registration

BlueWater Registration Services boots of competitive rates and complete transparency in paperwork. During the registration process, you will not be getting any surprises regarding hidden charges. You can be sure of getting the fixed rates that are as low as it can be.

We make boat registration possible for owners without an EU passport

You don’t possess an EU passport? There is nothing to worry about because we registers your ship lawfully and with all the right paperwork in such a case too. Our staff have years of experience and we are very well known as the European market leaders for boat registrations.

Excellent customer service

Once your yacht registration work is done, we aim to offer you continued expert services. If any issue arises at any point, you get the right guidance and support. For this, our staff are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Variety of services concerning boat registration

BlueWater Registration Services is a company that offers a wide range of services to its clients concerning boat registration. You can make most of the services like, Polish Boat Registration, EU ICP Light Registration, AIS & MMSI Service and much more all under one roof. Our main business is boat registration and nothing else. Working with us means you are working with a qualified, quality & competitive company with lots of experience. All focused on boat registrations.

Feel free to get in contact with us. Our service staff is happy to help you with any questions.

16 September 2023