Dutch ICP Light registration no longer accepted in Europe

Dutch ICP Light registration no longer accepted in Europe

Following amendments to legislation and regulations, the Dutch ICP Light registration is no longer accepted as a boat registration. Until recently, the very popular Dutch ICP Light registration was valid in almost every country in the EU. Since October 2020, this type of registration has no longer been accepted in Italy and since 2021 it’s unfortunally no longer accepted in whole Europe.

The Dutch ICP Light registration was only a property registration, without a flag. A flag makes the registration known and valid for the (European) authorities.

In some cases, it has happened that a yacht was detained and was only allowed to leave the marina after the owner switched over to a boat registration with a flag. To prevent this, BlueWater Registration Services recommends to look for a boat registration that suits you and your wishes. We offer three different boat registrations.

  • The popular and afforable Polish boat registration
  • Dutch Worldwide registration
  • UK Part 1 registration

Currently, the Polish boat registration is the most popular boat registration. It is valid worldwide, no inspection is required and you will receive the provisional registration within a few days. This allows you to get on the water almost immediately. Curious about what else this boat registration has to offer? Take a look at our information page about the Polish boat registration.

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23 September 2023