EU ICP Light no longer accepted in Italy

Several disturbing signals have reached us concerning the Italian acceptance of the EU ICP Light Registration. Since last week it seems that the Italian nautical authorities no longer accept the EU ICP Light Registration.

In some cases this has resulted in the fact that the yacht was detained and only could leave the marina once the owner switched from registration type. As you might know, the EU ICP Light Registration is a ownerships registration only and not a flag (title) registration. Unfortunally the Italian nautical authorities only accept flag certificates since this week.

In case you are sailing in Italian water or plan on sailing to Italy, we strongly advise you to check what kind of registration you have and consider to upgrade it to a (title) flag registration. At this moment the most popular boat registration for yacht owners who sail in Italy is the Polish EU Flag registration. Since last month the Polish boat registration includes includes a provisional registration which will be released in just a few days after the registration request.

More information about the Polish boat registration and to request it can be found here:

5 October 2020