Hidden gems abroad

When sailing you can easily find touristic and populair places to go. In this blog we sorted some unique and less crowded spots out for you, so that you can enjoy your vacation in peace. Don’t worry about busy harbours and beaches, we got this.

Biševo, Croatia

Sea-caves are quite popular. On the island Biševo located in Croatia you can find the magnificent Blue Cave. The deep-blue cave almost shows an unnatural effect, on sunny days the light reflects which gives the cave an extraordinary glow. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to visit the island with your own yacht, you can go to the neighboring island Vis to take a tour to the cave.


When you sail to Montenegro it’s simply impossible to just pick one area to explore. So we’ll just advise you to take a look around the whole country, this is possible because it’s a very small country. Montenegro owns many beautiful beaches and a gorgeous coast. So either if you want to sunbathe, visit the local villages or climb mountains, Montenegro is the place to be.

La Graciosa, Spain

Many people long for an quiet and deserted beach. Unfortunately, this is hard to find in the most popular vacation countries. La Graciosa is an island just before Lanzarote, with beautiful and mostly calm beaches. The island is only accessible by boat and independent travellers need permission to dock here.

In the boot of Italy

The boot of Italy lends itself perfectly as a location for a boating vacation. This tropical area supplies you with sun, lovely waters, tasty food and beautiful sailing routes. Enjoy the food and the great view in Napels, and sail further to Sicily. Here too the food is great, in fact, it is said that Sicilian cuisine truly holds the throne.

Skiathos, Greece

Skiathos is just picture perfect. The Greek island holds the most beautiful beaches ever. White pebbled beaches, turquoise waters and magnificent rocks. Skiathos holds many quiet and peaceful bays with pebble- or sandbeaches. Lalaria beach is the most visited beach in Skiathos. When visiting Skiathos by boat, sail directly to the nearby sea-caves. Depending on the position of the sun the caves will have an extraordinary glow.

Galešnjak, Croatia

Galešnjak, also known as the heart island, for it’s obvious shape is probably unfamiliar to you. Galešnjak is mostly known for the cute shape of the island and also holds calm tropical beaches. The island is located between the Dalmatian coast and the island Pašman and is exclusively accessible by boat. Croatia makes a great country for sailing for it’s tousands of small islands, perfect for calm but adventurous sailing vacations.

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13 July 2022