How to make your boat feel like home

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When sailing for a larger period, you should feel as comfortable at board as you feel at home. Or perhaps your boat is your permanent home. Sailing should not mean leaving your comfort at shore, so we have sorted out some tips for you to make your boat feel more like a home.

Decorate your boat

Decorating your boat is probably the most obvious way to make your boat feel like home. You can start accessorising your boat with cushions, rugs and curtains or blinds. Another nice adjustment is putting up some (family) pictures, a painting or some other ornament like a plant hanger. When decorating your boat it is important to think about what heavy weather or sea might do, it is wise to either hang things freely or on the walls. And remember, you don’t always have to go for the nautical look. So make sure to look for ornaments you like and colours and textures that make you happy, but choosing a colour palette in advance might be useful. 

Stop eating from plastic plates and cups

Another easy thing to do when you want your boat to feel more like home, is ditching plastic or paper plates, cups and cutlery. Using single use/ plastic plates, cups and cutlery might make you feel like you are camping, and switching to proper plates, glasses and cutlery might make a major difference for your boat experience. When you are out buying plates, glasses and cups, beware of the material. For example, try a material that looks like the real thing, but is not quite as breakable.

Get a waterproof speaker

Getting a waterproof speaker might also be a really nice adjustment to your boating experience. At some point listening to the endless waters might get a little boring, so putting on some music or perhaps an audiobook will definitely help. Having a little background noise might also be nice when you are having people over on your boat.

Keep it tidy

Keeping it tidy might be as important as any of these tips, to keep some space of course, but also because the mess won’t make you feel like home. Make sure to keep things organized, so that even a small boat will remain livable. Not keeping things tidy might also get dangerous on board, you don’t want to trip. For your own safety and the safety of your passengers, don’t leave things lying around.

Invest in a solar kit

A solar kit might be very useful for charging your electronic devices like phones, tables, televisions and so on. With your own power on board, you can still enjoy the electronic devices you have at home, while being completely off-grid. Solar kits are not exactly cheap, but they’ll pay themselves off quickly.

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13 July 2022