New registration: Gibraltar yacht registration

New registration: Gibraltar yacht registration

BlueWater Registration Services has recently started offering a new boat registration. The Gibraltar yacht registration is an internationally recognized yacht registration and comes with the Gibraltar AIS & MMSI radio license. This type of boat registration can be used worldwide without any restrictions. This means inside and outside the EU. Gibraltar yacht registration can also be used for commercial boating.

About Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located at the beginning of the Mediterranean. Gibraltar has an area of ​​6.7 km2 and borders the Spanish Andalusia. The population in Gibraltar is just under 30,000. The economy is mainly based on tourism, financial services and shipping.

Although Gibraltar borders Spain, it really belongs to the British overseas territory. Gibraltar has its own constitution. Defence and foreign affairs are the responsibility of the United Kingdom government. For years there has been a disagreement between Spain and Gibraltar. For example, the border was completely closed from 1969 to 1982. Only in 2006 a flight connection was opened between Madrid and Gibraltar.

Sailing under the British flag

Because it’s British overseas territory, registering for the Gibraltar boat registration means you can sail with the highly respected British flag. This also means that your boat is under the protection of the British maritime authorities. Although Gibraltar falls within the British overseas territory, it is not part of the United Kingdom.

How to arrange your Gibraltar boat registration

Anyone can get a Gibraltar boat registration. It is necessary that the ownership of the boat lies within the UK-Gibraltar. This can be done by setting up a dormant UK Limited Company under your name of which you are the only owner. BlueWater Registration Services will arrange the whole process. After we’ve created your new UK Ltd., we prepare a bill of sale to transfer the ownership of your boat, yacht or jet ski to your new UK Ltd. This way the ownership of your boat now lies within Gibraltar – UK after completion of the registration.

Please note that the company, of which you are the only owner, will not be active and so you do not have to pay any taxes, nor do you have any other formal obligations.

Advantages of a Gibraltar boat registration

  • Under British maritime protection
  • Valid worldwide without any restrictions for pleasure yachts
  • Can be used for commercial yachts
  • No annual inspection required
  • Outside of the EU VAT zone
  • Can be used to obtain your yacht VAT free
  • Tonnage certificate application can be done anywhere in the world
  • Shown prices includes everything without any hidden costs

The costs of a Gibraltar boat registration

The costs for a Gibraltar boat registration can be found at our comparison page with yacht registrations. The entire costs are for the Gibraltar boat registration, including the AIS number and MMSI radio license. There are no hidden costs. This price also includes:

  • Maintenance of your Gibraltar boat registration
  • Setting up a UK Limited Company (for non-EU customers)
  • Creating a new bill of sale
  • Correspondence with the Gibraltar maritime authorities
  • Boat registration documents
  • Taxes and fees in Gibraltar
  • Mandatory Gibraltar address for representation

About BlueWater Registration Services

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22 September 2023