New Registration: Panama Yacht Registration

We are very excited to announce that we are offering a new boat registration: the Panama Yacht Registration! This registration is one of the most common boat registrations and holds a lot of benefits! Keep reading this blog to learn all about our new Panama Yacht Registration.

The Panama Yacht Registration

The Panama Yacht Registration is one of the most popular and common boat registrations. Panama is mostly known for the Panama Canal, an important shipping link between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Panama offers easy access to boat registrations with low registration costs compared to other boat registrations. Of course there are more great benefits to this boat registration, but this is the most common reason to get the Panama Boat Registration.

Benefits of the Panama Yacht Registration

Some of the biggest advantages of registering your yacht under the Panama Yacht Registrations are:

  • Low (annual) costs
  • Fast registration processes
  • Possible for all nationalities
  • You don’t have to pay VAT when buying a yacht
  • The registration is also suitable for commercial yacht owners
  • You don’t have to pay VAT on crew wages
  • No yacht inspection required for yachts under the age of 20
  • The registration is worldwide valid
  • The registration is valid for 2 years

Another big benefit of the Panama Yacht Registration is that you don’t need to have a European passport to register! We cover the registration process in English so you can register from all over the world. The online registration is simple and contains only a few steps. We will need some documents, and then we will send you the boat registration by overnight courier. This way you will receive your Panama Boat Registration within 2 working days, so you can use it almost immediately!

The registration process

You can apply for the Panama Yacht Registration online, via our online registration portal. You can place your order here and upload the required documents for the boat registration of choice. These documents need to be submitted in English. You might wonder what documents are required for this boat registration, those vary for pleasure boat owners and commercial boat owners. A big plus for the registration process is that there are no yacht inspections required for private yachts up to the age of 20, where most yacht registrations do require a survey.

Required documents

During the online registration procedure for a Panama boat registration, we need some documents from you. You can read exactly which documents these are on our ‘panama boat registration’ page

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11 July 2022