Polish boat registration without living in the EU

Polish boat registration without living in the EU

Do you want to benefit from EU laws and regulations and register your boat under the Polish flag? Then it’s possible to get a Polish boat registration, even if you are not living in the EU. Registering your boat under the Polish flag, has various benefits.

Benefits of Polish boat registration

Registering your boat in Poland, is a quick registration process that is ready within three weeks. If you are in a hurry, this boat registration is also possible within 5 days using our Ultra Fast Registration. For this service we charge a little extra because of the extra time we have to put into this. The Polish boat registration is valid around the world and can be requested by all nationalities.

To request a Polish boat registration, there are no maritime restrictions and no Polish translations required.  After registering your boat under the Polish flag, your boat is registered for life. If you register your boat at BlueWater Registration Services, you can count on a hassle free registration process in less time and cost. We are European market leader in pleasure and commercial yacht and boat registrations.

Who are eligible for Polish yacht registration?

There is no restriction. Anyone who owns a yacht or boat can register his or her boat under the Polish flag. Even those who are not EU citizens can get a valid Polish boat registration. In this case we have various options for you without being a resident of Poland or even the EU.

What is the process?

BlueWater Registration Services will set up a European Union company for you and you have to transfer your vessel ownership to this company by signing the bill of sale. This new company registration process may take three to four weeks. This company we set up for you is not active and we only use it for the registration of your boat. You will be the only shareholder and director of this company.

Documents required for a Polish boat registration

  • Bill of sale
  • Boat manual or a survey report or tonnage certificate yacht is longer than 14.00 meter
  • Photo hull number
  • CE certificate and photo of CE plate
  • Photo of engine plate
  • If the yacht is longer than 15.00 meters we also need a inspection report issued by a Polish inspector. (within 1 year of issuance of the registration certificate.)

How does it work

We are European market leader when it comes to boat registrations. Because of this, we work systematic and fast. At our website you will find a simple step by step Polish boat registration form. We kindly ask you to follow these steps and fill out the required fields and upload the required documents so we have everything to complete your request.

Once we have everything we need to process your boat registration, you will receive an invoice. After you’ve made your payment, we will begin the registration process. When the registration is done, you will receive all the official documents by courier.

BlueWater Registration Services for your yacht registration or MMSI license

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12 April 2024