Polish yacht registration available for anyone with a valid passport

Polish yacht registration available for anyone with a valid passport

Great news! Since 2021 non-EU passport holders are allowed to register the Polish yacht registration directly to their own name. This lifetime registration was only available when ownership was in the EU. For people outside the EU, this meant that a company had to be set up within the EU. This involved extra costs and a lot of extra work. This is no longer necessary as this popular yacht registration is now available for everyone in the world with a yacht up to 24 meters.

This is a huge plus because it’s now easier and at much lower cost to register your yacht, boat or jet ski in Poland if you do not own a European passport.

New situation Polish yacht registration

Since the new situation, we can deliver your Polish yacht registration faster, against lower initial and anual costs. This makes the Polish yacht registration even more advantageous than it allready was.

Old situation

Before the removal of the EU passport restriction, we needed to setup a dormant EU company for non-EU passport holders so the ownership of the yacht was within the EU. Costs for administration, setting up the dormant company and annual costs were necessary to make a Polish yacht registration possible.

Great advantage for customers all over the world

Take advantage of this change now and register your boat, yacht or jet ski with BlueWater Registration Services. We are an experienced yacht registration company with a service record of more than 10 years. We serve customers from all over the world. Using our online registration portal, your are in full control of making a Polish yacht registration request.

22 September 2023