Sailing the carribean

Sailing the carribean

The Caribbean is a genuine sailing paradise with warm weather year-round and great sailing conditions. So, whether you want to sail around it or want to visit just one island, we’d highly recommend it. In this blog we will tell you all about sailing the Caribbean islands, and everything else you need to know about it. So, if you are considering a nice sailing trip to the Caribbean or if you are looking for a new place to sail, keep reading.

Is sailing the Caribbean safe?

Generally, the Caribbean is a safe place for sailing. Theft is not really an uncommon thing in the Caribbean, so you will have to think about locking everything when you are ashore. Another thing to consider are the weather conditions, you don’t want to spend your time on board worrying about or even getting caught in a thunderstorm or hurricane. If you want to avoid those heavy weather conditions, the perfect time to sail the Caribbean would be between November and July, storms are uncommon at this time of year and hurricanes almost non-existent. However, the best month to visit the Caribbean is may, but it may vary slightly year to year. So overall, the Caribbean is a relatively safe area to go on a nice boat trip. A few tips for you to stay safe during your trip are:

  • Always follow safety protocols.
  • Make sure you have the right safety equipment on board.
  • Secure your belongings.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast before and during your trip.

Sailing in Aruba

With endless white sand beaches, clear blue waters and a stunning pastel-coloured capital, Aruba is one of the most popular Caribbean islands. And that’s not just for the touristic spots, there are many hidden gems in Aruba that are less crowded. A few things you must do in Aruba are for example:

Visiting Black Stone beach

Black Stone beach is, as the name already gives away, the only black sand beach that can be found on the island. Black Stone beach is a favourite to the locals and is a magnificent view.

Catalina Cove

Catalina Cove is a popular white sandy beach with shallow coral reefs teeming with tropical fish and is perhaps the most perfect place on the island to go snorkelling.


Conchi is also known for being the natural pool of Aruba. Protected by rugged lava rock formations you will find this calm and clear swimming spot. Reaching Conchi might be a bit of a trouble as it is in Arikok National Park, but you can hike the headlands or go by horseback.

Sailing in curaçao

Famous for its clear waters and bright, vibrant architecture, Curaçao has a lot more to offer. Given that, allow us to recommend you some things for when you are enjoying your boating vacation on the beautiful island:

Enjoy various water activities at Seaquarium Beach

A popular destination, but not less worthy to attend. Whether you want to go jet skiing, scuba diving or practice another water sport, it’s all possible at this beach. You can find enough bars, stores, and restaurants to enjoy a perfect beach day.

Visit Pietermaai District

A neighbourhood with centuries of history, and buildings morphing into vibrant and colourful trendy restaurants, cafés, and boutiques. You can take a walking tour here.

Plant coral at Curaçao Coral Restoration

You can find many diving spots on the island, but you can find only one where you will be able to learn how to plant a coral forest.

Sailing at the Bahamas

Stunning sapphire waters and beautiful scattered islands, not extremely hard to find when visiting The Bahamas. These are the other highlights that you might find a bit harder to locate:

Lighthouse Beach

On the most southern tip of Eleuthera you can find the magnificent view of two different oceans. Beware of the hike up the cliffs to the lighthouse, it’s not for the faint hearted. However, the view is worth the hike, especially for the fact that you will be able to see the Caribbean waters on the one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side.

The Queen’s Baths

Also found on Eleuthera, not far from the famous glass window bridge you will find this other gem. The collection of warm pools has been carved out of rocks by the Atlantic Ocean and heats up when the tide drops. You will also see a lot of shells and other sea life that get washed up by the tide!

Ocean Hole

This natural swimming pool is a perfectly round hole on the southern edge of Eleuthera. You’ll find lots of tropical fish here and turtles, local legends say the pool is bottomless and has healing abilities.

Sailing in St. Martin

A small but not less beautiful island in the Caribbean is St. Martin, which holds beautiful bays, sandy beaches, great hiking trails and much more. A few things we recommend doing when visiting the beautiful island of St. Martin are:

Anse Marcel Beach

Maybe even the most beautiful place on the whole island, a secluded cove with calm waters excellent for swimming.

Paradise Peak

Paradise Peak is the highest point on the island, the peak being only 434 meters tall. The easy climb results in spectacular views anyway, you can spot all of St. Martin and even neighbouring islands. When you don’t want to go up the hill by foot, it is also possible to go up by car.

Fort Louis

When the French conquered St. Martin, Fort Louis was built on top of a hill overlooking the city Marigot. The Fort has been abandoned by the French, you can still wander the historic still is and get a beautiful view of the island.

Sailing around the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a sailor’s paradise, and it will guaranteed give you the most beautiful memories. Sailing around the Caribbean would take approximately 3 to 4 weeks, depending on how fast your boat is and how much time you want to visit the islands. The best time to sail around the Caribbean is between December and April, because it’s slightly cooler and drier in these months.

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