Yacht Registration- Where to Start?

Yacht Registration- Where to Start?

Take your time…

If you are planning to invest your money in a sailing or motor yacht then you should know this investment is of an international nature. BlueWater Registration Services is there to advise you about the important issue of yacht registration.

You should make right decisions when it comes to decide the right country for yacht registration.  A wise decision is to consult yachting professionals in order to find out the right company. Sometimes you may be the part of scam or you may have to expose your assets and passport and also unnecessary liabilities and taxes, so beware and go with professional advice to avoid this.

You should not make decisions in excitement or choose any company that offer yacht registration.  The country in which you want to register your boat or yacht can affect amount of money, travel freedom and more.  In some countries, you are allowed travel freely to other jurisdictions, while others not. Most countries charge high registration fees, tax percentages and other charges So you should research on it and then choose the right country and company for registration.BlueWater Registration Services is a good choice in assisting you in the matters of yacht and boat registration.

Be clever what to choose…

You need to choose your flag cleverly. Choosing yacht or boats flag is an important decision that you can make while buying yacht.  Choosing flag impacts your taxes, privacy and exposure to liabilities. Most of the yacht or boat owners choose EU or UK to register their yacht. By choosing right places, you can avoid burdensome regulations or taxes.  You should go with the place that has favourable registration policies.

You need to work with professionals in order to choose right country for yacht registration. Once your boat is registered in a country, all its law will be applicable on your yacht or boat. There are so many countries that have attractive tax structure but you may have to face other issues. You need to go with the country that is well respected by EU and US. Do not go with a country that already has a bad reputation as it can be a hassle for you.

Frequent inspections of the tax and border authorities will be the result.

BlueWater Registration Services, the registration specialist…

Most people consider The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Poland as most attractive country’s to register their boat or yacht. One of the best as the main benefit of choosing is that you can registered within just a matter of days. For example with the Dutch EU ICP Light Registration, the Polish or UK Part 1 registration.

Most of the boat owner considers Holland, the UK and Poland over other countries.  Yacht owner can save a lot of money by registering under Dutch, UK or Polish flag. Registration and taxes requirements are minimal here. You should also know all about the light and global registration.  You just need to start with finding the professionals who can guide you through the whole registration process.

BlueWater Registration Services for your yacht registration or MMSI license

Please note that we are an experienced boat registration company with a service record of more than 10 years. We serve customers from all over the world. If you have any doubts, please read the feedback that we have been given by our satisfied customers.

BlueWater Registration Services is a company that offers a wide range of services to its clients concerning boat registration. You can make most of the services like, different yacht registrations, AIS & MMSI Service and much more all under one roof. Our main business is yacht registration and nothing else.

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20 September 2023