Greek Charter License Package

We offer you the best and cheapest commercial yacht registration to commercial exploit your yacht in Greece and all other countries of the European Union. And this even without the need to create a Greek company!

Yachts under 24 meters fall under the bareboat regulation so any Sailing Diploma from any Administration or Yacht Club is accepted (RYA etc ).

This commercial yacht registration package includes everything you need to run your charter business legally and well organized and is based on the very popular Polish commercial yacht registration!

Greece, the country with the largest charter industry in the European Union, currently offers the most attractive commercial registration package for charter yachts from all countries in the EU. The Greek Charter License package is based on the Polish commercial yacht registration.

This registration package is officially and fully accepted by the Greek authorities for charter yachts and is available for all commercial yachts till 24 meters of length.

This commercial registration can not only be used in Greece but can also be used without any problem for any commercial activity in any country of the European Union.

Benefits of the Greek commercial yacht registration

  • You do not pay any profit tax on the profits of your yacht charter company
  • You do not pay VAT on the purchase / import of your yacht
  • Reduced VAT rate for charters outside Greece – 60% = 9.6% VAT
  • Reduced VAT rate for charters within Greece – 50% = 12% VAT
  • Low minimum number of charter days per year for acceptance
  • Private use no problem at all
  • Fuel and maintenance costs VAT free
  • Very limited number of formalities at embarkation – No formalities when disembarking
  • VAT exemption for berths, refits, parts, facilities, etc.
  • Flexible certification for charter yachts above 12 people
  • No crew requirement for yachts under 24 meters
  • Based on the popular Polish commercial registration

How does it work?

As you know, the application procedure for a commercial yacht registration is always tricky and time consuming. We will take care of the entire application process for you, so that you do not have to worry about anything. What will we do for you: 

  • All formalities regarding the application
  • Communication with the Greek authorities
  • The application of your Greek tax number
  • The inspection of your sailing or motor yacht (this can be done in any EU country)

We take care of all the formalities for you from A to Z so that you can concentrate on the charter business of your yacht. The entire process can be followed in our unique yacht registration portal so you will be updated every step of the way.

The Charter Management Assignment:

The Charter Management Assignment is a service agreement with our Greek administrative partner who is formally licensed for Greek charter tax declarations and who will take care of the complete charter administration, charter contracts and the Greek VAT tax declarations. You do not have to worry about anything!

For this service the charter yacht owner pays a fixed low fee per charter. No charters, no costs!

Till 2 charters on a month base the costs per charter are 180 euro. For all next charters the costs will only be 110 euro per charter, Of course these costs can be calculated in the charter price.

This are all-inclusive prices without any hidden costs!

The payments of the charters will be done directly on your own bank account.

Online registration

You can easily apply for your yacht registration online. The video below briefly explains how this works. For more information, please look at the ‘Online registration portal‘ page.

How much does a Greek commercial registration package cost?

Our Greek Charter License package is a “plug and play” complete package for a fixed and low price. It offers a complete package which includes:

  • Polish commercial yacht registration
  • Polish Radio License
  • Greek technical inspection (inspection outside Greece comes with additional costs)
  • Issue of Foreign Commercial Yacht Inspection Certificate
  • Greek charter license file submission
  • Greek VAT registration
  • Greek VAT Exemption File
  • All handling and fees
  • Greek legal assistance
  • TAX registration
  • Charter Management Assignment Preparation

As BlueWater Registration Services has his focus only on yacht registrations and nothing else, we can offer you the best deal in the market.

We charge € 4950,-  for the complete Greek Charter License Package!

What documents are required for a Greek commercial registration?

During the online registration process for a Greek commercial yacht registration we require the following documents:

  • Photo engine plate
  • Proof of de-registration
  • Yacht operator passport / ID card
  • Owners Passport / ID card
  • Passport Director (in case of a company owner)
  • Photo of  the hull number
  • Company documents  (in case of a company owner)
  • Radio operator license (mandatory)
  • Photo of CE plate
  • Sales agreement or bill of sale
  • Tonnage certificate or survey report or builders statement or CE certificate or boats manual
  • Any EU skipper license can be used
  • Exact name, model, serial number and CE number of the radio equipment and Eprib (mandatory)

Trusted company with verified references

Please note that we are an experienced boat registration company with a service record of more than 10 years. We serve customers from all over the world. If you have any doubts, please read the feedback that we have been given by our satisfied customers. You can read their personal experiences with our company on the bottom of this page (verified references by Trustpilot).