Boat tour in Europe top 8 countries

Looking for a boat tour in Europe? We’ve listed a top 8 countries in Europe you may consider visiting by water for you.

You finally purchased your dream boat, arranged a boat registration and you are now ready to discover the world from the water. The world has many sights to visit, we have listed the best in Europe.

Friesland, The Netherlands (219KM)

The northern part of the Netherlands consists of hundreds of lakes. An exceptional place to include in your boat tour through Europe. Friesland is especially popular with water sports enthusiasts. Sailing in Friesland means endless enjoyment of the largest inland lakes in Europe. If you like the combination between piece and quiet of nature and also a lot of entertainment and fun in the villages and towns, Friesland is the place to go. Sailing the 11 city tour is highly recommended! Can you find all 11 fountains?

The French Rivers

Alsace, Burgundy, Charente, Brittany, the Loire region

Sailing the French inland waterways is completely within the current holiday trends. Never before have so many people been on holiday with a caravan, camper or (rental) boat. And what could be more fun than enjoying the beautiful French landscape and delicious croissants? During the sailing route you can fully enjoy yourself because you are away from the crowd.

The Rhine, Germany

Düsseldorf, Köln, Bonn, Koblenz & Frankfurt am Mein

Nowhere else will you find so many beautiful towns and villages, castles and medieval ruins as here near the banks. During a boat tour on the Rhine, a beautiful view is something for sure. Visit the historic centre of Düsseldorf full of terraces and restaurants, the two towers of the Köln Cathedral. Go to the wine tasting in Bonn, visit the medieval centre of Koblenz or take a look at the Moezel. Frankfurt is full of charming streets, old buildings, cosy terraces, colourful boutiques and the atmospheric bars hidden in small streets.

Italy & France

Genoa, Tuscany, Corsica, Sardinia

Clear blue water, warm temperatures, beautiful cities and delicious food. Italy has it all. Visit the historic centre of Genoa or the Tower of Pisa in Tuscany. Tuscany has a lot more to offer, not the first thing that comes to mind, but Livorno is also a place that you must see! Visit the boulevard and the Piazza Grande, listen to the best open air concerts at Fortezza Vecchia and especially sail through the nice canals. Once on the road, a trip to the French island of Corsica is certainly a must see, the capital Ajaccio is the birthplace of the French general Napoleon Bonaparte. The town hall of Ajaccio includes an interesting museum. Seen enough on Corsica? Just wait until you see Sardinia, what a paradise! Old buildings, beautiful views of the Gorropu gorge and the most beautiful beaches including flamingos! What an amazing boat tour in Europe.


Biograd, Murter, Rogoznica, Trogir, Zlarin, Skradin

Sailing through water while watching the fishes swim. During this route several islands and cities are visited.

A walk along one of the most beautiful boulevards in all of Croatia, or horseback riding through beautiful Biograd. Prefer to lay on the beach all day? The island of Murter will be perfect for you! Large famous beaches or a small bay far from the hustle and bustle, everything is possible. Rogoznica is said to be the most beautiful part of Croatia. Hidden beaches, charming towns, typical fishing villages and beautiful islands can be found on Rogoznica. Like on Trogir, Rogoznica is surrounded by crystal clear sea. Trogir is nicknamed “The Stone Beauty.” The islanders of Zlarin have traditionally been skilled in agriculture, fishing, viticulture and sponge diving. Zlarin has beautiful sandy beaches that offer peace and tranquillity.

For a moment of rest, Zlarin is definitely recommended! Skradin is a small town with narrow streets, where the famous white wine Debit is served. The most discerning visitors will be satisfied by the wine. If you come by boat to Skradin through the canyon of the river Krka, this is a unique experience that you will not forget soon. For those who decide to stay overnight in the port of Skradin, 200 berths are available in the modern marina.


Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Ibiza, Valencia

Soak up culture in the beautiful city of Barcelona, ​​there is something for everyone. Visit the Sagrada Familia or the colourful Park Güell, take a look at the FC Barcelona stadium or copy the art in the Picasso museum. Shopping on Las Ramblas, or would you rather wait until Mallorca? You can certainly succeed there on Passeig del Born. Also nice to visit is the market every Wednesday, or of course the beautiful beach Alcúdia. Besides popular clubs, pubs, bars and beaches, Ibiza also has a completely different side. There is a lot to see and do here. Before becoming the mecca of nightlife, Ibiza was a haven for hippies, and that alternative atmosphere still is there, especially in the north of the island. Once back on the mainland, let yourself be surprised with a bike tour through Valencia, this tour takes you past several must-see sights!


Albufeira, Lisbon, Porto

Will you discover the secret caves around the beautiful beaches of Albufeira? Or would you rather visit the colourful Lisbon? Beaches and old buildings abound, a good combination between relaxing by the water and exercising while walking around the city. Many old elements can also be found in Porto. The city centre is one of the oldest in Europe and has a history dating back to Roman times. Enjoy it all during the boat tour in Europe.

Island hopping in Greece

Island hopping like in Indonesia and Thailand but a little closer by home, it is possible in Greece. This route passes Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Ios and Santorini

The city of Athens is full of beautiful sights and actually looks like an open-air museum. Ancient Greek buildings abound and of course great food on every street corner. It is a short boat trip from Athens to Mykonos. Beautiful beaches and atmospheric streets immediately give you the Mamma Mia feeling. Visit the Zoodohou Pigis Monastery (Monastery of the Holy Virgin) and the Temple of Poseidon on Paros. Snorkelling is highly recommended on the island of Ios. In addition, renting a car can be easy to explore the island. Beautiful hiking trails through the mountains, waterfront restaurants and cultural churches in the city, Ios has it all.

Last but certainly not least, Santorini. The volcanic island consists of mountains and black / red beaches. Quite different from the previous islands. Walking between the white houses with blue roofs looking at the beautiful view. You should definitely not miss the sunset here.

Boat registration

Above boat tours all fall within Europe, so you can get on the water with all boat registrations (offered by us)! Looking for a boatregistration for a boat tour trough Europe. Curious which boat registration suits your situation best? Below is a short overview.

EU ICP Light property registration

Eu ICP Light registration is a property registration, your boat is not included in the land register and does not receive a flag. This variant of boat registration is valid in many countries within Europe, but not all. Therefore, check carefully before departure whether you are allowed to sail in the country of your destination.

More information about the EU ICP Light boat registration

Polish boat registration

The Polish boat registration is one of the most chosen boat registrations within BlueWater Registration Services. This variant of boat registration enjoys many advantages for the most economical price. With the Polish boat registration you can be sure of a correct boat registration worldwide. Below are some of the advantages of the Polish boat registration:

  • A boat registration available to boat owners with or without EU passport
  • Including pre-registration within 2 working days
  • Lifetime validity, does not need to be renewed
  • No annual costs
  • No boat tax
  • Worldwide valid
  • No boat inspection

More information about the Polish boat registration

Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief Registration

The Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief registration is the highest attainable boat registration in the Netherlands. This boat registration gives your boat the official Dutch nationality. The Dutch boat registration is not the most advantageous, but it is one that is very popular among boat owners to sail with, as the Dutch flag is appreciated by nautical authorities around the world. Below are some advantages:

  • Available to boat owners with and without an EU passport
  • Valid worldwide and fully accepted by nautical authorities around the world
  • No boat tax
  • Limited annual costs
  • No annual inspection required
  • No maritime restrictions
  • Fast registration within 4-6 weeks

More information about the Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief registration

UK part 1 boat registration

With the UK Part 1 boat registration, you will fly the highly regarded British flag. The UK part 1 boat registration offers the following benefits:

  • Available to boat owners with and without an EU passport
  • Must be renewed every 5 years
  • Limited annual costs
  • Worldwide valid
  • Fast registration within 3-4 weeks
  • Urgent procedure possible whereby you receive the boat registration within a few days
  • No restriction on the length of the boat (so also for boats longer than 24 meters)
  • Can be used for commercial boats

More information about the UK part 1 boat registration

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13 July 2022