New Greek charter package for commercial yachts

New Greek charter package for commercial yachts

We offer you the best and cheapest commercial yacht registration to commercial exploit your yacht in Greece and all other countries of the European Union. And this even without the need to create a Greek company!

This commercial yacht registration package includes everything you need to run your charter business legally and well organized and is based on the very popular Polish commercial yacht registration!

Benefits of the Greek commercial yacht registration

  • You do not pay any profit tax on the profits of your yacht charter company
  • You do not pay VAT on the purchase / import of your yacht
  • Reduced VAT rate for charters outside Greece – 60% = 9.6% VAT
  • Reduced VAT rate for charters within Greece – 50% = 12% VAT
  • Low minimum number of charter days per year for acceptance
  • Private use no problem at all
  • Fuel and maintenance costs VAT free
  • Very limited number of formalities at embarkation – No formalities when disembarking
  • VAT exemption for berths, refits, parts, facilities, etc.
  • Flexible certification for charter yachts above 12 people
  • No crew requirement for yachts under 24 meters
  • Based on the popular Polish commercial registration

About Greece

Greece, with its nearly 11 million inhabitants, is very popular among tourists. Greece consists largely of water and islands. The islands and the water are both very popular with tourists all over the world. Water sports enthusiasts also quickly feel at home on the water in Greece. The beautiful clear blue water and the characteristic streets are something you don’t want to miss.

Specially for commercial yachts up to 24 meters

If you are using a yacht commercially, the Greek charter package may be the right choice. Do you have a yacht that you want to use for commercial purposes? Then it is very important to make the right decision for a country that suits your needs. With the Greek charter package you can be sure that everything is properly arranged.

We take care of all the formalities for you from A to Z so that you can concentrate on chartering your yacht. The entire process can be followed in our unique yacht registration portal, keeping you informed every step of the way.

The Charter Management Assignment

The Charter Management Assignment is a service agreement with our Greek administrative partner who is formally licensed for Greek charter tax declarations and who will take care of the complete charter administration, charter contracts and the Greek VAT tax declarations. You do not have to worry about anything! The payments of the charters will be done directly on your own bank account.

More information about the new Greek Charter Package

Curious about this commercial registration? More information can be found on the page about the Greek Charter Package. There you will find more information about the necessary documents you need and how much this registration costs.

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23 September 2023