Preparing your yacht to sail

Preparing your yacht to sail

The temperature is rising and the sun has started to shine again. Time to get out on the boat. Before it is launched, it is important to perform the necessary checks.

Maintenance of the engine

Have you already given a major overhaul to your engine before winter? Then a simple check is often sufficient. Because the engine has not worked for a long time, it may be that maintenance is required, for example. The filters should be replaced every year, just like the engine oil. In addition, there are a few parts that need to be checked:

  • The correct tension on the V-belt
  • Is there an extra V-belt on the boat?
  • Coolant
  • Oil level
  • Battery
  • Reverse gear
  • Seaweed pot

Checking the anodes

Anodes have been installed to prevent metal components of your boat from being affected or even wearing away. By placing this galvanic corrosion does not stand a chance to affect your propeller shaft, propeller or rudder. The anodes serve as a sacrificial system and will attract the galvanic corrosion. By checking the anodes annually and replacing them if necessary, you can be sure that your propeller shaft, propeller or rudder will not be affected. Turns out the anode is not being sacrificed? Then this one will not work.

Protect underwater hull against algae, shells and mussels

During the sailing season, algae, shells and mussels quickly want to attach themselves to the underwater hull of your sloop or motor boat. When this happens, the underwater hull is no longer smooth and your sloop or motor boat consumes more fuel. This is because the boat is less streamlined through the water. Antifouling is an underwater paint to ensure that algae and shells have no chance to adhere to the underwater hull of your boat. By painting your sloop or motor boat with antifoulling every year, algae, shells and mussels do not stand a chance.

Checking the propeller shaft

In addition to fouling on the underwater hull, growth can also take place on the propeller shaft. Therefore, before the boat enters the water, check that it is clean. You can then also immediately check whether there is not too much play on the propeller shaft.

Is the electricity still OK?

Incorrectly connecting electronic equipment can have enormous consequences. Before launching the boat, it is important to check the electronics on board for possible damage. Checking the lighting is also one of the tasks when preparing your sloop or motorboat.

Ready to sail ropes

Are you not waiting for missing or broken ropes? Check before departure whether all the rope work is on board. Check whether mooring lines, halyards, sheets and other ropes are still in good condition. Everything complete but is the rope work very dirty? You can easily wash this in the washing machine at a low temperature.

Safety equipment

Should you end up in a dangerous situation, the use of safety equipment can be crucial. Always make sure that this is in order. One of the mandatory safety equipment on board is a life jacket for every occupant. Check the following things:

  • You can check an automatic vest for leaks by pumping it up with a bicycle pump
  • Replace the gas cartridge and salt tablet after each use
  • Replace an unused salt tablet after 2 years
  • Weigh the cartridge to see if there is still gas in it, replace it in case of rust or damage
  • Stitching may lose strength, discard the life jacket
  • After 10 years, safety vests have become unreliable, discard the life jacket

In addition to life jackets, there are several safety equipment for use on board. Think, for example, of torches, flares and a fire extinguisher. Check the expiration date.

A clean and waterproof tarpaulin

It would be a shame that the cover of your boat turns out not to be waterproof. Water will then end up in your boat, and of course nobody wants that. It may be that the seams in the tarpaulin have started to wear, allowing water to pass through. Therefore, check all zippers, straps and seams before the sailing season. Seams can be quilted an extra mile. To make the complete cover waterproof again, various means are available at water sports shops. By performing maintenance on your tarpaulin, it can last for years longer.

Clean interior

In addition to the above parts, there are more jobs that are required to prepare your boat for sailing. Check all cabinets and compartments in your boat for unnecessary items. If the cushions of your boat are made of fabric, this can often be easily washed. This easily removes stains from, for example, sunburn or spilled drinks.

A valid registration

You must be in possession of the correct papers to enter the water. For your boat this is, for example, the yacht registration and an MSSI license. Have any of these expired? Or even both? BlueWater Registration Services ensures that you can get back on the water with a valid registration. We offer different yacht registrations.

A valid registration

Polish boat registration

The Polish boat registration is one of the most chosen boat registrations within BlueWater Registration Services. This variant of boat registration enjoys many advantages for the most economical price. With the Polish boat registration you can be sure of a correct boat registration worldwide. Below are some of the advantages of the Polish boat registration:

  • A boat registration available to boat owners with or without EU passport
  • Including pre-registration within 2 working days
  • Lifetime validity, does not need to be renewed
  • No annual costs
  • No boat tax
  • Worldwide valid
  • No boat inspection

Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief Registration

The Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief registration is the highest attainable boat registration in the Netherlands. This boat registration gives your boat the official Dutch nationality. The Dutch boat registration is not the most advantageous, but it is one that is very popular among boat owners to sail with, as the Dutch flag is appreciated by nautical authorities around the world. Below are some advantages:

  • Available to boat owners with and without an EU passport
  • Valid worldwide and fully accepted by nautical authorities around the world
  • No boat tax
  • Limited annual costs
  • No annual inspection required
  • No maritime restrictions
  • Fast registration within 4-6 weeks

UK part 1 boat registration

With the UK Part 1 boat registration, you will fly the highly regarded British flag. The UK part 1 boat registration offers the following benefits:

  • Available to boat owners with and without an EU passport
  • Must be renewed every 5 years
  • Limited annual costs
  • Worldwide valid
  • Fast registration within 3-4 weeks
  • Urgent procedure possible whereby you receive the boat registration within a few days
  • No restriction on the length of the boat (so also for boats longer than 24 meters)
  • Can be used for commercial boats

Greek charter package

This commercial yacht registration package includes everything you need to run your charter business legally and well organized and is based on the very popular Polish commercial yacht registration! Benefits of the Greek commercial yacht registration:

  • You do not pay any profit tax on the profits of your yacht charter company
  • You do not pay VAT on the purchase / import of your yacht
  • Reduced VAT rate for charters outside Greece – 60% = 9.6% VAT
  • Reduced VAT rate for charters within Greece – 50% = 12% VAT
  • Low minimum number of charter days per year for acceptance
  • Private use no problem at all
  • Fuel and maintenance costs VAT free
  • Very limited number of formalities at embarkation – No formalities when disembarking
  • VAT exemption for berths, refits, parts, facilities, etc.
  • Flexible certification for charter yachts above 12 people
  • No crew requirement for yachts under 24 meters
  • Based on the popular Polish commercial registration

Gibraltar boat registration

The Gibraltar boat registration is an international recognized boat registration of the highest class and comes with the Gibraltar AIS & MMSI radio license included. This type of boat registration can be used worldwide without any restrictions. So this means inside and outside of the EU. The Gibraltar boat registration can also be used for commercial boating.

  • Under British maritime protection
  • Valid worldwide without any restrictions for pleasure yachts
  • Can be used for commercial yachts
  • No annual inspection required

More information about the Gibraltar boat registration

MMSI & AIS service

For your yacht’s radio equipment, you need a MMSI radio license. Your boat needs to be entered into the MMSI register, after which you will receive a unique identifying number. An AIS number and a unique call sign are also required.

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30 April 2024