A Polish yacht registration is a lifetime registration

Thank you for your interest in a Polish yacht registration. Enjoy the advantage that you can use the Polish yacht registration immediately (within 2 working days) in the form of a temporary registration certificate, until your final registration certificate is ready. It is the most popular and cheapest registration for boats up to 24 meters in length. You can be sure of a lifetime registration when you register your boat, yacht, or jet ski in Poland. Poland is a member of the EU and that makes a Polish yacht registration very attractive for pleasure craft, operators, charters, and private yacht owners.

Also possible for commercial yacht owners

Did you know that the Polish yacht registration is also possible for commercial yachts and that for the same price as for a pleasure yacht registration? Private yacht owners are never required to undergo a yacht inspection, a benefit that saves a lot of money.

BlueWater Registration Services also arranges yacht registrations that are registered under other nationalities. Such as the highly respected worldwide Dutch Zeebrief registration (Dutch flag) and the UK Part 1 registration (British flag). Compare yacht registrations to determine which registration suits you best.

The advantages of a Polish yacht registration

  • The Polish yacht registration is valid for life!
  • No yacht taxes
  • Including provisional registration within 2 working days
  • Does not need to be renewed
  • No yacht inspection (maximum length 24 meters)
  • Accepted in every country in the world
  • Registration under the official Polish EU flag
  • Possible for all nationalities
  • Fast registration process
  • Possible for commercial yachts (length up to 24 meters)
  • No maritime restrictions

Apply for a Polish yacht registration

Do you need a Polish yacht registration? BlueWater Registration Services provides its services to customers from all over the world. Our registration service handles the entire registration in Dutch or English. You only need to follow a few steps in our online registration procedure. Once we have received the necessary documents, we will submit your information for the Polish yacht registration. Upon completion, you will receive your yacht registration via 24/7 courier service.

Online yacht registration

You can easily apply for your yacht registration online. The video below briefly explains how this works. For more information, please look at the ‘Online registration portal‘ page.

For customers with and without an EU passport

It is possible for everyone to register a Polish yacht registration. It does not matter whether you have an EU passport. The change that you are no longer required to have an EU passport came into effect in 2021.

Required documents boat registration

How long does it take to receive a Polish yacht registration?

The advantage of the Polish yacht registration is that you will receive a temporary registration within two working days. This is until the final registration is completed. This means that you can use the Polish yacht registration almost immediately. The final registration takes 3-4 weeks, from the moment we have received the necessary documents.

How much does a Polish yacht registration cost?

The entire Polish yacht registration costs between € 425 and € 625. The price depends on the length of the boat.

  • Yachts up to 7.00 meters € 425,-
  • Yachts from 7.00 meters to 12.00 meters € 525,-
  • Yachts from 12.00 meters to 24.00 meters € 625,-

The provisional registration certificate is included in the price!

What documents are required for a Polish yacht registration?

During the online registration procedure for a Polish yacht registration, we need the following documents from you:

  1. Owner’s identity document in case of a private individual or proof of identity of all directors in case of a company
  2. Proof of ownership / sale agreement (invoice, sales agreement, bill of sale or notary statement). This has to be done by a sworn translation of the document into Polish.
  3. Scan of one of the following documents (only if your boat is longer than 14 meter):
    1. CE certificate of the yacht
    2. OR tonnage certificate
    3. OR builders certificate
    4. OR survey report
    5. OR yacht manual
  4. Photo of the engine number, hull number and CE plate
  5. CE Design category (A, B, C, D)
  6. In case of a previous registry: We require a copy of the deletion document

Polish AIS & MMSI Radio License Service

If you want a Polish yacht registration and also need an AIS & MMSI Radio License including AIS, MMSI number and a unique call sign, we can arrange that. This can be requested completely and easily online and costs €250.

Trusted company with verified references

You can rest assured that we are an experienced yacht registration company with over 10 years of experience. We provide our services to customers from all over the world. If you have any doubts, please read the feedback we have received from our satisfied customers. You can read their personal experiences with our company at the bottom of this page (Trustpilot verified credentials).