Polish yacht registration available for anyone with a valid passport

Great news! Since 2021 non-EU passport holders are allowed to register the Polish yacht registration directly to their own name. This lifetime registration was only available when ownership was in the EU. For people outside the EU, this meant that a company had to be set up within the EU. This involved extra costs and a lot of extra work. This is no longer necessary as this popular yacht registration is now available for everyone in the world with a yacht up to 24 meters.

New registration: Gibraltar yacht registration

BlueWater Registration Services has recently started offering a new boat registration. The Gibraltar yacht registration is an internationally recognized yacht registration and comes with the Gibraltar AIS & MMSI radio license. This type of boat registration can be used worldwide without any restrictions. This means inside and outside the EU. Gibraltar yacht registration can also be used for commercial boating.

Dutch ICP Light registration no longer accepted in Europe

Following amendments to legislation and regulations, the Dutch ICP Light registration is no longer accepted as a boat registration. Until recently, the very popular Dutch ICP Light registration was valid in almost every country in the EU. Since October 2020, this type of registration has no longer been accepted in Italy and since 2021 it's unfortunally no longer accepted in whole Europe.

Why apply for a MMSI license

You will need an MMSI radio license for your yacht's radio equipment. Your boat must be listed in the MMSI register, after which you will receive a unique identification number. An AIS number and call sign are also required. We ensure that your license package is arranged within 24 hours!

Boat tour in Europe top 8 countries

Looking for a boat tour in Europe? We've listed a top 8 countries in Europe you may consider visiting by water for you. You finally purchased your dream boat, arranged a boat registration and you are now ready to discover the world from the water. The world has many sights to visit, we have listed the best in Europe.

EU ICP Light no longer accepted in Italy

Several disturbing signals have reached us concerning the Italian acceptance of the EU ICP Light Registration. Since last week it seems that the Italian nautical authorities no longer accept the EU ICP Light Registration.

Greek commercial yacht registration

When using a yacht commercially, a Greek commercial yacht registration might be the right choice. Do you have a yacht which you want to use for commercial purposes? Then it is very important to take a right decision for a country that fits the requirements of your needs.

Request a Polish boat registration online

Request a Polish boat registration online
Polish boat registration has become more popular these days. Requesting a Polish boat registration can be easily done online. BlueWater Registration Services is European market leader when it comes to boat registrations. We have automated the entire process clear from step to step.

Polish boat registration without living in the EU

Do you want to benefit from EU laws and regulations and register your boat under the Polish flag? Then it’s possible to get a Polish boat registration, even if you are not living in the EU. Registering your boat under the Polish flag, has various benefits.