Sailing rules and tips

On a beautiful summer day it can quickly get crowded on the water. To ensure that everyone has a pleasant day out on the water, a number of rules and tips apply. For convenience, we have listed the most important points for when you go out on the water with your sloop or motorboat.

All about life jackets

It’s mandatory to keep life jackets for all your occupants on board, so to keep you and your guests and crew safe we will explain all about life jackets to you. In case you are wondering why they’re so important, how they work or what you need to know before buying them, keep reading.

Safety on board

The weather is nice, and you are going to sail with your friends or family. Very cosy of course. You will not immediately think of it, but what if you end up in a dangerous situation? In this blog we tell you more about it.

Hidden gems abroad

When sailing you can easily find touristic and populair places to go. In this blog we sorted some unique and less crowded spots out for you, so that you can enjoy your vacation in peace. Don’t worry about busy harbours and beaches, we got this.

What to do in the event of a breakdown or emergency

Just on that one beautiful sunny day you come to a standstill with the boat or one of the occupants becomes unwell. What to do in such a situation? In any case, make sure that there is always someone on board with telephone numbers of emergency services.

More information about US registrations

We asked W. Vann Burgess, manager of the US Coast Guard a few questions about the laws and regulations of registrations by the United States. He tells us that it is common for vessels registered in the US to only sail in foreign waters. This is illegal but very common. Hence, they see this as a very big problem.

Attention for yacht registrations in Delaware

Many yacht owners do not know exactly what is allowed and what is not. This blog specifically discusses yacht registrations located in the American state of Delaware. Delaware is an American state on the Atlantic coast in the north-eastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. The state is a popular jurisdiction for the establishment of companies and corporations.

Yachting in winter season

With the colder seasons here, yachting mostly isn’t as exciting as it is in summer. If you are looking for the most perfect winter getaways, keep reading. We’ve got the most beautiful and sunny places to sail sorted out for you, even in winter.

Best places to sail in Europe

Are you a boat person and do you also love city life? Then this blog is a must-read for you. Because what could be better than observing a beautiful city from a boat? In this blog we discuss the most beautiful cities in Europe that you can sail through.

New Greek charter package for commercial yachts

We offer you the best and cheapest commercial yacht registration to commercial exploit your yacht in Greece and all other countries of the European Union. And this even without the need to create a Greek company! This commercial yacht registration package includes everything you need to run your charter business legally and well organized and is based on the very popular Polish commercial yacht registration!